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Have you been affected by the slumping loonie?


Yes (please explain): With the huge price increases for fruits and vegetables, we have all been affected.
Yes (please explain):
Yes (please explain): Very much so! I spend 3 months in Florida each winter. This year with our low Canadian dollar , I am really feeling the pinch. Also I have had to put my plans to purchase a home here on hold! As a senior I have to wonder if I will live long enough t
Yes (please explain): We would have gone to Florida for a few weeks but decided against it as the exchange rate makes it expensive.
Yes (please explain): My Investments have been showing poor returns!
Yes (please explain): food prices -
Yes (please explain): any products priced in u.s. dollars cost much more.
No (please explain): No,not really, can still take the middle out and turn it around and put it back in. then they are worth more to.
Yes (please explain):
Yes (please explain): I'm in Florida for 3 months, taking more Canadian funds, less Canadian cars in Florida this year.
Yes (please explain): Sure has to affect us all in our purchasing power, prices haven't gone down, only what we can purchase with our sagging dollar. Will have roll in our summertime travel plans about going to the USA, if it doesn't start rising soon.
Yes (please explain): Travel to USA expensive!!! Also cost of imported food.
Yes (please explain): The slumping ($)loonie has increased the cost of near every item and this is compounded by the loonie leadership of Ontario.
Yes (please explain):
No (please explain): td hey cannot manage price nor access, leave it to the private sector and give a rebate to low income people.
Yes (please explain): Seems every time the loonie drops do to does our buying for food, heat. Clothing costs more, home furnishings., auto fuel etc. Just waiting for the next depression!
Yes (please explain):
Yes (please explain):
Yes (please explain): Not going to warmer climates this year, or business trip in October--- I cant see it changing any time soon.

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