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By Fred Wallace

 Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire. "


Canada Day Weekend is on the horizon and it's one of those " good " years for Canada Day, in my opinion, when July 1st falls on either a Friday or a Monday.

Among the many activities on the go this weekend is the opening of Sauble Speedway for the 2019 auto racing season.

The date and the race time for the opening night and for the season ahead signify significant alterations to the operation of the track.

Years ago when I was involved in the Shouldice Designer Stone Series, Opening Night for the series was generally at Sauble Speedway and traditionally it was on Victoria Day Weekend.

Now, Opening Night for Sauble Speedway is almost 6 weeks later.

Times change, habits change, consumers change.

The owners & operators through the years at Sauble Speedway made a number of discoveries as time marched on.

They discovered there was an affinity for all involved for the 7 pm race time.

They discovered there's more options for the entertainment dollar than in previous decades.

They discovered poor, or unpredictable, weather in the Spring more often than not hampered fan turnout

& they discovered that Sauble Beach is truly a happening place from the end of school year to the start of the next school year and thus they condensed their schedule to create less dates but more impact in their week to week cards.

Having said that, the condensed season does not indicate a shortage of big events for race fans.

In fact, the highlight event appears to be at mid-season when the Civic Holiday Weekend will feature 3 nights of racing, August 2nd, 3rd & 4th, two nights of which will feature the APC Series racing in 100 lap affairs.

One day til Canada Day Long Weekend.

Two days til the opener at Sauble Speedway

And 4 days to Canada Day itself.


I'm Fred Wallace


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