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Here We Go....


By Fred Wallace

 Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".


Here we are in 2019......

It's fun to look at what's ahead.

On the near horizon, the World Junior Hockey Quarterfinals begin today leading to the Gold Medal game on the weekend.

The Owen Sound Platers & Attack have had Gold Medal winners through the years, but there's never been a case where two Owen Sounders have garnered gold in the same year, so here's hoping for Markus Phillips & Nick Suzuki.

Will Markus & Nick be with the Attack by this time next week ? That too is on the short term horizon

And one other Attack note; by my count Owen Sound will play game # 2,000 in the OHL on January 25th at Guelph, ironically from whence they came.

What else ?

Personally, I'm really looking forward to Las Vegas in April.

Lacrosse also starts in April-May and there is much anticipation for the Senior NorthStars under new ownership.

There's an OASA Tournament in July at Duncan McLellan Park followed by a Softball Canada Championship in August also in Owen Sound.

Golf Tournaments, Hanover Raceway, Cross Country Meets and a host other regular and one-off events are all on the docket for the local and regional sports scene

Welcome to 2019.


I'm Fred Wallace


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