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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Revised Knights of Meaford Sked

Meaford | by Bayshore News Staff  

Schooners Departure Means Revamped Dates


Knights of Meaford Revised Schedule

Oct 19    7:30PM    vs West Nipissing
Oct 21    7:00PM    vs Fergus         
Oct 26    7:30PM    vs Seguin     
Oct 27    8:30PM    at South Muskoka
Oct 28    7:30PM    at West Nipissing
Oct 29    2:00PM    at Seguin     
Nov 2    7:30PM    vs Ville-Marie
Nov 5    7:30PM    at Bradford Rattlers
Nov 9    7:30PM    vs Temiscaming     
Nov 16    7:30PM    vs Fergus         
Nov 18    7:00PM    vs Bradford Rattlers
Nov 19    3:00PM    at Fergus
Nov 23    7:30PM    vs Fergus     
Nov 25    7:00PM    vs New Tecumseth
Nov 26    2:00PM    at Almaguin
Nov 30    7:30PM    vs Fergus     
Dec 2    7:30PM    at Ville-Marie     
Dec 7    7:30PM    vs New Tecumseth
Dec 14    7:30PM    vs Fergus     
Dec 15    8:30PM    at South Muskoka
Jan 4    7:30PM    vs Seguin     
Jan 5    8:30PM    at South Muskoka
Jan 11    7:30PM    vs Almaguin
Jan 13    7:00PM    vs New Tecumseth
Jan 18    7:30PM    vs South Muskoka
Jan 25    7:30PM    at New Tecumseth
Jan 28    3:00PM    at Fergus
Feb 1    7:30PM    vs South Muskoka
Feb 8    7:30PM    vs Bradford Rattlers
Feb 10    7:00PM    vs New Tecumseth
Feb 11    3:00PM    at Fergus
Feb 15    7:30PM    vs Seguin     
Feb 18    7:30PM    at Bradford Rattlers

Apr 5    3:00PM    at Fergus (?)

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