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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Huron-Bruce MP To Continue Pressing Gov't

Huron-Bruce | by Peter Jackson  

Conservative Ben Lobb says jobs, low taxes, cutting red tape among issues to be addressed in 2017.

The Opposition Conservatives in Parliament say they've had a satisfying year in 2016, but there is much work to do during the rest of the Liberal government mandate.

Huron-Bruce Tory MP Ben Lobb was reflecting on the year with Bayshore Broadcasting News, and believes his party made headway with the Grits on several issues.

Lobb mentions that negative economic and natural forces affected many Canadians.

He points to the loss of 100,000 energy sector jobs in Alberta, leading the province to an unprecedented 10 per-cent unemployment rate in 2016.

Lobb says the Fort McMurray wildfire in May made an already bad year even worse, and the economic ripple effect of the Alberta downturn was felt across the rest of Canada.

Job growth, keeping individual and business taxes low, cutting red tape and opposition to a national carbon tax have been high on the Tory agenda in the past year.

A provincial carbon tax in Ontario takes effect on New Year's Day, and Lobb points to the already high price of energy in the province.

Lobb says the Conservatives will continue to call on the government to curb deficits far higher than the $10 billion Prime Minister Trudeau promised during the 2015 election campaign.

He hopes the Liberals will end so-called "cash-for-access" political fundraising events, in which party supporters pay a hefty fee to meet the Prime Minister and key cabinet members.

One success Lobb says the Tories enjoyed in 2016, was passage of a motion to bring a group of Yazidi women to Canada from Syria and Iraq, where they had been abused by ISIS members.

He mentions that it's very rare for Parliament to vote in favour of motions introduced by Opposition parties.

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