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Monday, April 11, 2016

Silver For Latham

York University | by Bayshore News Staff  

Meaford Coyote Results From Ontario Minor

courtesy Meaford Coyotes 


Coyote Rock at Indoor Provincial Champs

The Meaford Coyotes Track Club sent 11 members to the Ontario Minor Track Association Provincial Indoor Track and Field Championship held at York University on Saturday, April 9th and Sunday, April 10th.

The competition was very strong, especially as the age groups got older.  The age groups progressed in two year increments, beginning with Pee-Wee (grade 1 and under), up to Senior (grade 7-8).  About half of our group competing were at the top of their age group, with the other half at the bottom.  So it was a great learning experience for them.

Day 1 rocked for the 11 young Coyotes as we had 10 personal best performances, with the 11th missing a PB by 0.5 seconds.  We also snagged 3 medals....1 silver and 2 bronze.  There were some outstanding personal best times on day 1 as well.  Grade 8 student Matthew Nickels knocked off over 25 seconds from his 1500m time.  Grade 8 Meaford resident, Peter Ruest, dropped his 1500m time by 9 seconds.  Devlin Gillis, a grade 5 student in Thornbury improved his 1200m time by 8 seconds.  Grade 2 students Olivia Latham and Hayden Hindle both dropped their 400m time by over 5 seconds.  Kara Tichbourne, a grade 5 student of Meaford, improved her already fast time in the 1500m by almost 6 seconds, unofficially posting the fasting time in Canada this year for her age.

Day 2 continued where we finished on Saturday with 9 of our 10 runners posting new PB's, with the addition of a "wrestling match" on the first corner of the 200m track in one of the 800m events as the grade 5-6 girls jostled for position.  Grade 2 Owen Sound student Olivia Latham earned our lone silver medal for the day as she carved 10 seconds off her 800m time.  Other outstanding performances came from Taryn Lee, a grade 3 student also from O.S., as she improved her 800m time by 14 seconds and Devlin Gillis dropping his 800m time by 9 seconds.  Both our senior boys had great improvements in their 800m as well.  Matthew Nickels of O.S. and Peter Ruest of Meaford, both grade 8 students had 7 second and 6 second improvements respectively.

All in all we had 18 personal best times of 21 chances, and brought home 2 silver medals and 2 bronze medals. Of the three events where we missed a PB, our runners only missed by less than 1.5 seconds.  Everyone competing this weekend had at least 1 PB in each of their 2 events.  It has been an amazing indoor season for ALL our Coyote runners, posting well over 75 personal best times and hauling home a "truck-load" medals from Prep Meets and Provincial Champs in Toronto to National Championships in Montreal.  These members are now on a well deserved 2 week rest before returning to prepare for their outdoor season.  The rest of our 80 member team are now into full swing with their Spring program as they have already had their rest period.  

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Results [* = personal best time]

Mite Girls [2008-2009]
Olivia Latham [08]
400m - 3rd/6 @ 1:23..92*
800m - 2nd/3 @ 3:01.43*

Mite Boys [2008-2009]
Hayden Hindle [08]
400m - 2nd/7 @ 1:28.99*
Edmund McPherson [08]
400m - 6th/7 @ 1:34.95 [missed PB by 0.5 sec]
800m - 8th.8 @ 3:32.58*

Tyke Girls [2006-2007]
Taryn Lee [07]
800m - 6th/7 @ 2:58.82*
1200m - 7th/7 @ 4:54.98*

Atom Girls [2006-2005]
Kara Tichbourne [05]
800m - 6th/35 @ 2:40.35 [missed PB by 1.5 sec]
1500m - 3rd/25 @ 5:15.33*
Payton Dodd [05]
800m - 22/35 @ 2:50.29*
1500m - 15th/25 @ 5:47.40*

Atom Boys [2006-2006]
Devlin Gillis [05]
800m - 11/25 @ 2:41.57*
1500m - 10th/15 @ 5:28.02*

Senior Girls [2002-2003]
Matalyn Lee [02]
800m - 9th/45 @ 2:30.11*
1500m - 6th/28 @ 5:06.97*
Olivia Karn [03]
800m - 8th/45 @ 2:28.64 [missed PB by <1 sec]
1500m - 14th/28 @ 5:15.02*

Senior Boys [2002-2003]
Peter Ruest [02]
800m - 9th/26 @ 2:21.75*
1500m - 11th/25 @ 4:52.16*
Matthew Nickels [02]
800m - 18th/26 @ 2:30.10*
1500m - 16th/25 @ 4:58.60

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