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Monday, September 28, 2015

Whemmy's Recap

Hepworth | by Bayshore News Staff  

Owen Sound Cycling Club Annual Enduro


WHEMMYS Enduro Mountain Bike Race

at Sawmill Trails, Hepworth

( as compiled by Kari Shufflebotham )

Highest number of laps overall by a team was "Moldy and Deformed" at 13 laps (Sean Currie, Jesse Buckland, Matt Martindill)

Highest number of laps overall by a solo was 11 laps (Simon Farla)


Male 45-79:

1st "Dura Vida" 9 laps -  Liam Robertson, Cameron Kemp-Weich, Stefano Slezah

Male 80-149

1st "Moldy and Deformed" 13 laps - Sean Currie, Jesse Buckland, Matt Martindill
2nd "Milk and Sugar" 11 laps - Steve Van de Voren, Livy Johnston, Scott Shafer

Male 150+

1st "Better Late than Never" 7 laps - Tom Hakala, Brad Dewys, Arunas Liskauskas

Mixed 150+

1st "Father, Mugs, and Coffee" 12 laps - Fred Zottl, Ken Avery, Susan Avery



Female 50+

Donnette Wand 8 laps

Male <18

Robert Starrs 8 laps

Male 18-34

Jonathon Bailey 10 laps

Male 35-49

1st Simon Farla 11 laps

2nd Mike Comella 9 laps 

3rd Jason Burrows 8 laps

Male 50+

1st David Collie 9 laps
2nd David Starrs 8 laps (2:49:46)
3rd Rick MacLeod Farley 8 laps (3:04:22)

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