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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Major Curling League Schedule

Grey-Bruce | by Fred Wallace  

Season will start November 5th for the Grey Bruce Major Curling League.

The schedule has been released for the Grey Bruce Major Curling League.

The season will start November 5th.

2014-15 Entries

1 Al Hutchinson  Bluewater
2 Steve Gregg  Paisley
3 Adam Schumacher  Walkerton
4 Jeff Thomson  Chesley
5 Don Bartley  Bluewater
6 Joe Rettiinger  Tara
7 Scott Ballantyne Tara
8 Craig Milburn  Kincardine
9 Wade Walsh  Bluewater
10 Tom Slumskie  Tara
11 Curtis Cassidy  Port Elgin
12 Don Shane  Hanover
13 Dave Cobean  Port Elgin
14 Les Shane  Kincardine


Nov. 5

@ Walkerton 9:00 pm
Al Hutchinson-Don Bartley
Steve Gregg-Adam Schumacher
Joe Rettiinger-Don Shane
Dave Cobean-Scott Ballantyne

@ Chesley 8:00 pm
Wade Walsh-Curtis Cassidy
1Tom Slumskie-Les Shane
Jeff Thomson-Craig Milburn

Nov. 12

@ Chesley 8:00 pm
Jeff Thomson-Scott Ballantyne
Steve Gregg-Don Bartley
Al Hutchinson-Don Shane

@ Port Elgin 9:00 pm
Joe Rettiinger-Wade Walsh
Tom Slumskie-Dave Cobean
Craig Milburn-Curtis Cassidy
Adam Schumacher-Les Shane

Nov. 19

@ Tara 9:00 pm
Al Hutchinson-Joe Rettiinger
Don Bartley-Tom Slumskie
Scott Ballantyne-Don Shane

@ Kincardine 9:00 pm
Adam Schumacher-Craig Milburn
Wade Walsh-Les Shane
Jeff Thomson-Dave Cobean
Steve Gregg-Curtis Cassidy

Nov. 26

@ Port Elgin 9:00 pm
Al Hutchinson-Craig Milburn
Jeff Thomson-Curtis Cassidy
Steve Gregg-Wade Walsh
Joe Rettiinger-Dave Cobean

@ Tara
9:00 pm
Adam Schumacher-Tom Slumskie
Scott Ballantyne-Les Shane
Don Bartley-Don Shane

Dec. 3

@ Paisley 8:00 pm
Adam Schumacher-Wade Walsh
Don Bartley-Scott Ballantyne
Steve Gregg-Les Shane

@ Kincardine 9:00 pm
Jeff Thomson-Don Shane
Tom Slumskie-Curtis Cassidy
Joe Rettiinger-Craig Milburn
Al Hutchinson-Dave Cobean

Sunday Dec. 7
@ Hanover 9:30 am
Don Shane-Les Shane
Scott Ballantyne-Wade Walsh
Craig Milburn-Tom Slumskie
Curtis Cassidy-Dave Cobean

@ Paisley 9:30 a.m.
Jeff Thomson-Don Bartley
Steve Gregg-Joe Rettiinger
Al Hutchinson-Adam Schumacher

Sunday Dec. 7
@ Hanover 1:30 pm
Scott Ballantyne-Craig Milburn
Dave Cobean-Les Shane
Curtis Cassidy-Don Shane
Wade Walsh-Tom Slumskie

@ Paisley
1:30 pm
Al Hutchinson-Steve Gregg
Adam Schumacher-Jeff Thomson
Don Bartley-Joe Rettiinger

Dec. 10

@ Port Elgin 9:00 pm
Jeff Thomson-Wade Walsh
Don Bartley-Les Shane
Craig Milburn-Dave Cobean
Adam Schumacher-Don Shane

@ Tara 9:00
Joe Rettiinger-Curtis Cassidy
Al Hutchinson-Tom Slumskie
Steve Gregg-Scott Ballantyne


@ Kincardine 9:00 pm
Craig Milburn-Wade Walsh
Steve Gregg-Don Shane
Joe Rettiinger-Les Shane

@ Chesley 8:00 pm
Jeff Thomson-Tom Slumskie
Don Bartley-Dave Cobean
Adam Schumacher-Curtis Cassidy
Al Hutchinson-Scott Ballantyne

Jan. 7

@ Walkerton 9:00 pm
Craig Milburn-Don Shane
Steve Gregg-Tom Slumskie
Adam Schumacher-Dave Cobean
Jeff Thomson-Les Shane

@ Tara 9:00 pm
Joe Rettiinger-Scott Ballantyne
Al Hutchinson-Wade Walsh
Don Bartley-Curtis Cassidy

Jan. 14

@ Chesley 8:00 pm
Al Hutchinson-Jeff Thomson
Steve Gregg-Dave Cobean
Wade Walsh-Don Shane
Scott Ballantyne-Tom Slumskie

@ Kincardine 9:00 pm
Adam Schumacher-Joe Rettiinger
Don Bartley-Craig Milburn
Curtis Cassidy-Les Shane

Jan. 21

@ Paisley 8:00 pm
Jeff Thomson-Joe Rettiinger
Steve Gregg-Craig Milburn
Tom Slumskie-Don Shane

@ Walkerton 9:00 pm
Adam Schumacher-Don Bartley
Al Hutchinson-Les Shane
Dave Cobean-Wade Walsh
Scott Ballantyne-Curtis Cassidy

Jan. 28

@ Walkerton 9:00 pm
Steve Gregg-Jeff Thomson
Craig Milburn-Les Shane
Adam Schumacher-Scott Ballantyne

@ Port Elgin 9:00 pm
Joe Rettiinger-Tom Slumskie
Al Hutchinson-Curtis Cassidy
Don Bartley-Wade Walsh
Don Shane-Dave Cobean


Top 8 Teams after round robin will playQuarter Finals

Wed. Feb. 4th  locations TBA, 1vs8, 4vs5, 2vs7, 3vs6

Semi Finals & Finals

Sunday Feb. 8th 9:30am & 1:30 pm




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