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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Rolland Fastest In Training

Lake Louise | by Bayshore News Staff  

French skier was more than two seconds faster than Larisa Yurkiw of Owen Sound.

Larisa Yurkiw from Owen Sound was 28th in the second ladies downhill training run on Wednesday at the Lake Louise Winterstart World Cup in Alberta.

Yurkiw's time was 1 minute, 55.64 seconds, a shade faster than her time in the opening training run on Tuesday

Marion Rolland, of France was the fastest skier yesterday, just over 2 seconds quicker than Yurkiw's time

Larisa Yurkiw, a former world junior championships silver medallist, has competed in seven World Cup races since returning to the tour in January but she’s yet to crack the top 30 –something she’s hoping to change in the back-to-back downhills Friday and Saturday in Lake Louise. 
“I think with the Crazy Canucks and now the Candian Cowboys, huge expectations follow the men’s speed team and sometimes comebacks can get overshadowed a little bit,” said Yurkiw. “What Johnny ( Kucera ) has been doing – it’s really something – and hopefully people understand that.
“Sometimes I have to remind myself what it took for me to come back. When I’m nervous in the start and any kind of doubt creeps in I just think to myself, ‘This is everything that I worked for – just to push out of the start and do my best.’
“My expectations keep rising as I do better and better and gain more confidence. I never feel success until I step back and realize what’s going on, but I have lots of work to do this week.”
Yurkiw admits after Tuesday's training run, she set out to be more aggressive Wednesday.
“I feel like it was an improvement but there are still things I didn’t manage to get around to today,” said Yurkiw, who added she was also inspired by her training partner Chemmy Alcott, of Great Britain, who is returning from a long-term injury this week in Lake Louise and was 43rd Wednesday. “The visibility helped and just the confidence but sometimes with confidence comes a little too much risk and I need to clean some things up tomorrow.”



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