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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Airport Seeks Turbine Expert

Collingwood | by Mariane McLeod  

Collingwood's Regional airport brings in expert to assess wind farm proposal.

Collingwood's Regional airport has brought in an expert as its concerns grow over the placement of turbines in the wind farm planned for Clearview Township.

Charles Cormier is an aeronautical information consultant and former military pilot.

He has worked on many projects with the Collingwood Regional Airport and says that there are no rules regarding where turbines can be placed in relation to airports.

With that being said, Cormier says the placement of turbines near the airport introduces variables that don't need to exist and severely impact safety.

Cormier recommends that turbines be at least 2.5 miles from any airstrip, and says that if these rules were followed the airport would likely have no objections to wind turbines.

Airport Board Chair Charlie Tatham tells Bayshore Broadcasting News, the new placement of the turbines in the proposed wind farm puts one of the windmills within two miles of the airport runway.

Tatham says a turbine that close is too close for comfort for pilots.

Tatham adds that Collingwood's airport is trying to position itself to take on some of the air traffic that will leave Buttonville when that airport closes.

But he says it will be difficult if Collingwood is perceived to be a tough place to land, with 500-foot obstacles close by.


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