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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Students Play GoBall

Huron Perth | by Travis Pedwell  

Students play game blindfolded as they learn how to live without sight.

Several grade 6 students in Avon Maitland joined together and played a game of Goball recently.

The tournament was held at Downey Public School and featured students from Colborne, Seaforth and Bedford.

Goball is a game where the ball jingles and students are blind folded -- put to the test with little or no vision.

AMDSB Superintendent Peggy Blair was at the event and tells Bayshore Broadcasting News it was put on by a vision teacher.

Blair says John Baxter created the event to show students what it's like to have little or no vision.

The entire day was based on how you can be successful despite disability.

Blair says many students couldn't believe you could still be successful without being able to see.

She adds students left with the message that anything is possible.

After the game students celebrated by receiving medals.

Blair congratulates all students who participated and believes it was well worth it.


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