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Monday, April 11, 2011

Support for Farm Solar Panels

Huron County | by Dianne Colgan  

Huron County Council formally supports farmers in bid to join frid with solar panels.

Huron County Council is supporting farmers in their bid to join the grid with new solar panels.

Central Huron Reeve Jim Ginn made a motion recently to send a letter to the province and Ontario Power Generation to inform them of the hardships farmers are facing after building solar panels.

Ginn says they were initially told that they could hook on to the power grid and help supply energy, to make some money off their initial investment of building the structure.

He says some residents may have gone hundreds of thousands of dollars into debt for the project, and they're now being told they may not be able to get on to the grid.

Ginn says the worse part is that there's no indication as to when they may be allowed to hook into the grid.

He hopes the County can get through to the province, Hydro One and OPG to at least notify people of a timeline for their projects.


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