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Friday, April 1, 2011

Sunshine List Grey Bruce

Grey Bruce | by Kevin Bernard  

Medical Officer of Health the top earner in Grey Bruce but the local earners list is long.

The Ontario government's sunshine list is out for 2010, showing how many government workers were paid over 100 thousand dollars last year.

The total is 71,500 public sector workers on the sunshine list, up nearly 74 hundred workers from last year.

Canada's new governor general, David Johnston, was the second highest paid public sector worker in Ontario last year.

He was one of only two people paid over one million dollars at his former job as president and vice-chancellor of the University of Waterloo.

The energy sector usually has the highest earners on the sunshine list, and Ontario Power Generation reports 7,786 of its 12,500 workers made the sunshine list for 2010.

The rest of the sunshine list includes Crown agencies, hospitals, municipalities, schools, colleges and universities and government-owned energy companies.

In Grey Bruce -- the top earner was Medical Officer of Health Doctor Hazel Lynn at more than 290 thousand dollars, up from 268 thousand in 2009. 

Judges Julia Morneau and Robert Mackenzie were second at about 250 thousand.

At Grey Bruce Health Services -- there are 32 people on the list.

President and CEO Maureen Solecki earned 253 thousand, up 10 thousand dollars.

Hanover and District Hospital also has eight people including President and CEO Katrina wilson at 162 thousand dollars.

At the South Bruce Grey Health Centre -- four people made over 100 thousand dollars, including President and CEO Paul Davies at 212 thousand dollars.

At Collingwood General and Marine hospital -- four people are listed including CEO Linda Davis 199 thousand dollars.

Among the politicians at Queens Park:

Premier Dalton McGuinty received 208 thousand dollars, Bruce Grey Owen Sound MPP Bill Murdoch 116 thousand, Huron Bruce MPP Carol Mitchell 164 thousand -- up from 133 thousand in 2009, and Simcoe Grey MPP Jim Wilson 129 thousand.

28 people with the Bruce Grey Catholic School Board made the list including the Director of Education Bruce MacPherson at 166 thousand, up from 153 thousand in 2009.

76 people from the Bluewater Board of Education are on the list -- including the Director of Education Mary Anne Alton at 139 thousand dollars.

Alana Murray-Lawrence, the Superintendent of Secondary Education, got 155 thousand dollars.

Just under 100 people at Georgian College are listed as making over 100 thousand dollars in 2009 including -- the President and CEO Brian Tamblyn at 278 thousand dollars.

More from the 2010 Sunshine List....

Linda Thompson - CEO of Walkerton Clean Water Centre -- 105 thousand

Judge Julia Morneau - $250,149
Judge Robert MacKenzie - $250,149

Justice of the Peace Bridget Forster - $114,893
Justice of the Peace Robert Gay - $115,111

Municipal employees:

In the city of Owen Sound 10 people are on the sunshine list -- including Police chief Tom Kaye at 153 thousand dollars, and Deputy Chief Bill Sornberger at 122.

Acting City Manager Glenn Henry is listed at 129 thousand dollars and Fire chief Ed Nowak  at 102 thousand dollars.

City of Owen Sound COULTER PAM Acting Deputy City Manager  $104,234.29
City of Owen Sound HENRY GLEN Acting City Manager $129,348.66
City of Owen Sound JOHNSTON JOHN Director Of Operations $120,682.38
City of Owen Sound KAYE TOM Police Chief $153,142.21
City of Owen Sound KEILB STEVEN Police Detective Sergeant $100,765.23
City of Owen Sound MACKINNON STEVEN Police Inspector $108,490.11
City of Owen Sound NOWAK ED Fire Chief $102,516.96
City of Owen Sound RITCHIE WAYNE Director Of Finance $107,173.26
City of Owen Sound SORNBERGER BILL Deputy Police Chief $122,516.29
City of Owen Sound WURFEL VINCE Police Inspector $108,686.38

In the County of Grey -- 10 people are listed including CAO Lance Thurston at 115 thousand dollars.

County of Grey FEDY BARBARA Director, Social Services $110,671.82
County of Grey HOGAN GEOFF Director, Information Technology $111,421.52
County of Grey JOHNSON LYNNE Director, Long Term Care $108,448.76
County of Grey MCLEVY GRANT Director, Human Resources $111,421.52
County of Grey PERSON SHIRLEY Administrator, Grey Gables $102,269.51
County of Grey SHAW GARY Director, Transportation and Public Safety $113,564.70
County of Grey THURSTON LANCE Chief Administrative Officer $115,388.00
County of Grey VOKES SHARON Clerk/Director of Council Services $111,421.52
County of Grey WEPPLER KEVIN Director, Finance $114,108.33
County of Grey WYATT ROD Director, Housing $111,421.52

In Bruce county -- 13 employees are listed. CAO Wayne Jamieson is listed at 143 thousand dollars.

County of Bruce APOLLONI MARZIO Library Director $110,595.44
County of Bruce COBEAN BETTYANNE G. Clerk  Treasurer $110,607.94
County of Bruce ERNEWEIN LISA ANNE Registered Nurse, Brucelea Haven $104,475.98
County of Bruce HARRIS DOUGLAS Human Resources Director  $110,607.95
County of Bruce JAMIESON J. WAYNE Chief Administrative Officer $143,428.65
County of Bruce KNOX BRIAN Engineer - Highways $110,577.72
County of Bruce LAFOREST CHRISTOPHER Planning Director $105,523.07
County of Bruce MACEWEN ELEANOR Administrator, Brucelea Haven $114,828.62
County of Bruce SANDERSON TERRY Director, Social Services & Housing  $105,523.08
County of Bruce SMITH DOUGLAS F. Director, Emergency Medical Services $103,639.46
County of Bruce STROEDER LISA Registered Nurse, Brucelea Haven $100,327.57
County of Bruce TURNBULL CRYSTAL Registered Nurse, Brucelea Haven $105,864.66
County of Bruce YOUNG CHARLES Administrator, Gateway Haven $114,828.65

Town of Collingwood... 19 people on the list , mostly firefighters (11).
CAO Kimberly Wingrove tops the list at 150 thousand dollars.

Town of Collingwood BLAKELY KATHRYN Deputy Director of Finance $120,904.62
Town of Collingwood BOLT ROBERT Fire Prevention Officer $101,382.32
Town of Collingwood CAILES GARY Firefighter $108,201.08
Town of Collingwood DANCE WILLIAM Firefighter $112,440.47
Town of Collingwood DEE BRIAN Firefighter $125,421.82
Town of Collingwood DUNBAR PETER Director, Leisure Services $138,248.87
Town of Collingwood ELYEA TRENT Fire Chief $117,021.74
Town of Collingwood FARRER NANCY Director, Planning Services $108,169.23 Town of Collingwood FAWCETT RICHARD Firefighter $106,379.18
Town of Collingwood FRYER SCOTT Firefighter $110,171.29
Town of Collingwood GREEN DONALD Manager, Environmental Services $112,296.57
Town of Collingwood KOHUT JEFFREY Firefighter $111,546.76
Town of Collingwood LIVINGSTONE JODY Manager, Public Works $108,210.93
Town of Collingwood PARR ROSS Deputy Fire Chief $105,276.24
Town of Collingwood PLEWES WILLIAM Director, Building Services, Chief Building Official $100,040.18
Town of Collingwood ROBINSON KERRI Director, Library Services $108,018.11 Town of Collingwood SWITZER WILLIAM Firefighter $126,899.98
Town of Collingwood THURMAN DANIEL Firefighter $103,634.75
Town of Collingwood WINGROVE KIMBERLY Chief Administrative Officer $150,300.90

Town of Hanover DAVID TRACY Police Chief $117,819.46
Town of Hanover DUNLOP MICHAEL Chief Administrative Officer/Clerk $113,618.62

Municipality of Meaford KENNEDY DAVID Deputy Chief Administrative Officer/Director Corporate Services/Treasurer $108,942.05
Municipality of Meaford MIELE FRANK Chief Administrative Officer $119,086.20

Municipality of Kincardine DEROSENROLL JOHN Chief Administrative Officer  $116,494.59

Town of Saugeen Shores 3 people were on the list .... CAO Allison Lawrence earned 136 thousand dollars. Police chief Dan Rivett earned 117 thousand dollars.

Town of Saugeen Shores ALLISON LAWRENCE Chief Administrative Officer  $136,118.38
Town of Saugeen Shores - Police Services MCCULLOCH KEN Police Inspector $106,504.39
Town of Saugeen Shores - Police Services RIVETT DAN Police Chief $117,376.95

Town of South Bruce Peninsula COOK RHONDA Chief Administrative Officer $124,066.59
Town of South Bruce Peninsula MCINTOSH MALCOLM Chief Administrative Officer $101,634.00

Town of Wasaga Beach BELL MICHAEL Fire Captain $101,306.92
Town of Wasaga Beach HIGGINS WES Deputy Fire Chief $100,451.16
Town of Wasaga Beach MCGUIRE KELLY Fire Captain $113,843.35
Town of Wasaga Beach MCLAUGHLIN LARRY Fire Captain $101,593.84
Town of Wasaga Beach MCWILLIAM MICHAEL Fire Chief $104,798.76
Town of Wasaga Beach MORTON LYNN Treasurer $109,330.10
Town of Wasaga Beach VADEBONCOEUR GEORGE Chief Administrative Officer $147,603.31
Town of Wasaga Beach WILSON KATHERINE Deputy Treasurer $102,030.77


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