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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

MP Blasts New Democrats

Huron Bruce | by Peter Jackson  

Ben Lobb paints the NDP as ungrateful for their pledge to vote against budget.

Huron-Bruce Conservative MP Ben Lobb paints the New Democrats as ungrateful for their pledge to vote against the Harper government's budget.

Lobb says his party responded to the needs of Canadians in the spending plan.

He mentions the government's focus on job-creation and recovery from the recession and that now is not the time for an election.

Lobb isn't so much angry the document isn't likely to pass as he feels let down.

He points out that the exact 300-million dollar figure that would have been spent on income supplements for low-income seniors will now be spent on the election.

Lobb stops short of saying NDP leader Jack Layton is playing politics by helping to trigger an election.

He says he's not sure what Layton's focus is in going against the spending plan.

Lobb mentions a revival of the eco-energy retrofit program to help make homes more energy efficient.

There were also farm-related provisions in the fiscal plan including 20-million dollars for hog producers.


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