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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

From Where I Sit

Tara | by Fred Wallace  

Guest Appearance by Jeff Coulter


From Where I Sit

by Jeff Coulter


It has been a remarkable season… … far.

In the history of the franchise, dating back to their days as the “Platers”, the
Owen Sound Attack has never finished first in their division…. …….

Let me repeat that, in 29 years, a team that has played over 2000 games, had 18
coaches and produced players like Walker, Maltby, Brunette, Simmons and
Ryan, has never taken a division title. And now, their hard work has been
rewarded with not only the divisional tile but the Western Conference
Championship as well.

To the Management Group, members of the front office, the coaching staff, trainers, host families, fans and especially the team, Congratulations!

With all the excitement surrounding this season, we are happy to boast of
team unity, express concern for an injured player, praise the trading of
individuals that felt their “ship” was too big for Owen Sound, and chastise
the officiating, which at times, seems to reinforce the popular conspiracy
theory that the league would rather see us lose.

Going from last place in the 09-2010, to this year, where the team is a top
the Western Conference is a proud accomplishment.

So, with all these positives, it is sad to point out one negative. I am speaking
of the common occurrence when select fans choose to leave their seats
before the contest is truly decided.

Perhaps they think, the deficit is too great for either team to overcome or, that there is no more entertainment value to be had. They may believe that their departure goes un-notice and is acceptable.

Unfortunately, I disagree.

On one hand, these departures at any point in the game disrupt the
enjoyment for remaining spectators. But more importantly, their departure
is certainly noticed by the teams competing. Instead of celebrating the
victory with our team at the sound of the buzzer, or standing beside them at
the time of defeat, some individuals run for the exits before the conclusion of
the game.

You might ask …”What’s the big deal? What difference does it
make?” ….

I ask you to consider this….

These young men have been adopted by our region, they have left their families and dedicated their year to representing our community on a national level.

Regardless of whether is it was a year such as last, where we struggled at times, or a year as great as the one we are experiencing now, the conditions are the same… in, day out these young men are asked to do one thing. …, work hard, leave it all on the ice and play a full 60 minutes of hockey. Coaches insist upon it, fellow teammates demand it, and as, fans we expect it.

Now, did you ever consider that they might appreciate the same from us?

To recognize their efforts, for the entire game.

I realize sometimes it can’t be helped. Children have needs, emergencies
pop up, and some responsibilities can’t wait. For that, we all understand.

I am hoping that if your reason for leaving early was to avoid a little traffic,
that next time you might reconsider. Stay a little longer, wait until the end.

Stand a cheer for a victory, curse at defeat, and show your appreciation
when the players of the games are announced.

With any luck, many of the names we will hear will be those of our Owen Sound Attack.

From where I sit in section D; and from where the Attack sit, as Western
Conference Champions, I hope you will join us for the entire game….. so, I
guess the question is, Where will you be sitting?

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