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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Taking Control of Wind Turbines

Saugeen Shores | by John Divinski  

Saugeen Shores Council passes motion to suspend wind development for a local voice.

It was the supporters versus the detractors of wind turbine development at Saugeen Shores town council on Monday night.

Hundreds showed up to support their particular side of the argument.

Placard carrying demonstrators came into town either on their own or in one case a load of people came in on a school bus.

No problems with the crowd as police looked on aside from some good-natured jabs back and forth.

Inside, the President of Leader Resources Services Charles Edey urged councillors to defeat a motion presented by Deputy Mayor Luke Charbonneau, calling for a suspension in approvals for the Arran and the North Bruce Wind Projects until the province receives community approval and permission.

The motion passed unanimously.

After the vote, Edey commented it's a sad day when a community plays politics with the best renewable technology available in the world today.

Deputy Mayor Luke Charbonneau says he was not playing politics but simply asking the provincial government to adhere to the Green Energy Act.

He says under Section 2, community approval and permission is needed before the province says OK to turbine development.

Outside the council chambers,  the coordinator for the Harvesting Wind supporters Jodi Jerome of Wingham says they were demonstrating to prove that indeed there is support for the turbine farms.

It appeared most of the supporters of wind farm development were not from the Saugeen Shores area though,  but from Clinton, Goderich, Kingsville and Kincardine regions.

The coordinator of Stop the Wind Turbines Tracy MacGregor of Arran Elderslie says they were there to send the message that they don't want turbines for many reasons including health issues and the safety of their children.

Meanwhile, Charles Edey says they continue to work towards developing nine turbines on Saugeen Shores land near Arran Elderslie and 22 turbines in North Bruce on town land.

Charbonneau's motion will be sent to the provincial government for a reply.


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