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Monday, March 14, 2011

Plea for Jubilee Hall

Brockton | by Robyn Garvey  

People behind Victoria Jubilee Hall ask for grant money from Brockton Council.

Don't forget the arts -- that is message of Victoria Jubilee Hall Chairperson Mary Ramsay.

She is urging Brockton Council to set aside some funding for the Hall during their budget deliberations.

Ramsay says money is needed to offset the costs associated with the Hall opening its doors to various community groups, not for profit organizations and public forums.

In the past -- Brockton has provided the Victoria Jubilee Hall with a five thousand dollar yearly grant.

Ramsay hopes this year will be no different.

She says a donation to the Victoria Jubilee Hall is an investment in Brockton.

Ramsay notes the Hall creates numerous economic spin offs to the community with many travelling from near and far to take in a performance at the Victoria Jubilee Hall.

She adds the Hall's beautiful opera theatre and unique architectural features is also a draw for tourists.

Mayor David Inglis says Council will do what it can to set aside some funding for the building.

The Hall -- which came close to meeting its fate with a wrecking ball in the late 1990's -- is now a proud symbol for Brockton and is even featured on the municipality's logo.


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