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Thursday, February 17, 2011

More Wind Turbine Debate

Kincardine | by John Divinski  

Some Kincardine Councillors want to freeze building permits for wind farms.

It was a packed council chamber in Kincardine on Wednesday night as the wind turbine issue came up for debate again.

Some councillors were asking for a freeze on building permits being issued to wind farm developers.

There was plenty of applause to go around by members of the public who had come to hear Ashley Duncan of Central Bruce Grey Wind Concerns make a presentation against the Armow Wind Power Project being developed by Acciona.

Duncan urged council to take their message to the Energy Minister at an upcoming Rural Ontario Municipal Association (ROMA) meeting at the end of this month.

Some councillors suggested that building permits to wind developers be stopped but Kincardine Mayor Larry Kraemer cautioned that it would leave the municipality exposed to lawsuits.

He said if the developers meet all the conditions and adhere to Ontario law, they have no choice but to offer permits and he doesn't believe their Chief Building Official should be put in that position.

Meanwhile, Kincardine Councillor Randy Roppel says he believes the wind farm development craze in Ontario is just a cheap way for developers to score some carbon credits for going green.

He says the credits will likely be used to bolster up other areas of the developer's projects in other parts of the country.

Roppel says get rid of the carbon credits and the wind farms will disappear.

Ashley Duncan was pleased with councillors responses to her presentation.

She did take issue with  Mayor Kraemer and his stand on freezing building permits.

She says the municipality needs to step up even if it doesn't work in the long term.

Ironically, later in the meeting, after the crowd was gone, council endorsed setting building permit fees for the construction of wind generating systems at 20 dollars per one thousand dollars estimated cost of construction.


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