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Tuesday, July 7, 2020

MLB Begins July 23rd

Owen Sound | by Fred Wallace  

July 7/20 Bayshore Broadcasting Sports

MLB Opens July 23rd/Jays Open July 24

The defending World Series champion Washington Nationals will host the New York Yankees in the first game of the 2020 Major League Baseball season on Thursday July 23rd.

Later that day, the San Francisco Giants travel to play the rival LA Dodgers.

The Toronto Blue Jays begin their 2020 Major League season Friday July 24th at Tampa Bay

Toronto's " home opener " is scheduled for July 29th against Washington, although the actual site for that game remains a mystery


Blue Jays Schedule

Jul 24 @Rays 6:40 pm EDT
Jul 25 @Rays 3:10 pm EDT
Jul 26 @Rays 1:10 pm EDT
Jul 27 @Nationals 6:05 pm EDT
Jul 28 @Nationals 4:05 pm EDT
Jul 29 vs.Nationals 6:37 pm EDT
Jul 30 vs.Nationals 6:37 pm EDT
Jul 31 vs.Phillies 6:37 pm EDT

Aug 1 vs.Phillies 6:37 pm EDT
Aug 2 vs.Phillies 3:07 pm EDT
Aug 4 @Braves 7:10 pm EDT
Aug 5 @Braves 7:10 pm EDT
Aug 6 @Braves 7:10 pm EDT
Aug 7 @Red Sox 7:30 pm EDT
Aug 8 @Red Sox 7:30 pm EDT
Aug 9 @Red Sox 1:35 pm EDT
Aug 11 vs.Marlins 6:37 pm EDT
Aug 12 vs.Marlins 6:37 pm EDT
Aug 14 vs.Rays 6:37 pm EDT
Aug 15 vs.Rays 6:37 pm EDT
Aug 16 vs.Rays 3:07 pm EDT
Aug 17 @Orioles 7:05 pm EDT
Aug 18 @Orioles 7:05 pm EDT
Aug 19 @Orioles 7:05 pm EDT
Aug 21 @Rays 6:40 pm EDT
Aug 22 @Rays 6:40 pm EDT
Aug 23 @Rays 1:10 pm EDT
Aug 24 @Rays 3:10 pm EDT
Aug 25 vs.Red Sox 6:37 pm EDT
Aug 26 vs.Red Sox 6:37 pm EDT
Aug 27 vs.Red Sox 6:37 pm EDT
Aug 28 vs.Orioles 6:37 pm EDT
Aug 29 vs.Orioles 6:37 pm EDT
Aug 30 vs.Orioles 3:07 pm EDT
Aug 31 vs.Orioles 2:07 pm EDT

Sep 1 @Marlins 6:40 pm EDT
Sep 2 @Marlins 6:40 pm EDT
Sep 3 @Red Sox 7:30 pm EDT
Sep 4 @Red Sox 7:30 pm EDT
Sep 5 @Red Sox 7:30 pm EDT
Sep 6 @Red Sox 1:35 pm EDT
Sep 7 vs.Yankees 6:37 pm EDT
Sep 8 vs.Yankees 6:37 pm EDT
Sep 9 vs.Yankees 6:37 pm EDT
Sep 11 vs.Mets 6:37 pm EDT
Sep 12 vs.Mets 6:37 pm EDT
Sep 13 vs.Mets 3:07 pm EDT
Sep 15 @Yankees 7:05 pm EDT
Sep 16 @Yankees 7:05 pm EDT
Sep 17 @Yankees 7:05 pm EDT
Sep 18 @Phillies 7:05 pm EDT
Sep 19 @Phillies 6:05 pm EDT
Sep 20 @Phillies TBD
Sep 21 vs.Yankees 6:37 pm EDT
Sep 22 vs.Yankees 6:37 pm EDT
Sep 23 vs.Yankees 6:37 pm EDT
Sep 24 vs.Yankees 6:37 pm EDT
Sep 25 vs.Orioles 6:37 pm EDT
Sep 26 vs.Orioles 6:37 pm EDT
Sep 27 vs.Orioles 3:07 pm EDT


McGuire Pleads No Contest

Toronto Blue Jays catcher Reese McGuire pleaded no contest to a disorderly conduct charge  and paid $ 500 after an incident in Florida this Winter.

McGuire originally faced an indecent exposure charge after deputies were dispatched to a shopping centre parking lot in Dunedin February 7th following reports that a man sitting inside an SUV was exposing himself, 

The charge was later reduced to disorderly conduct and formally processed last Thursday.

NHL & Players Extend CBA

The National Hockey League and the Players’ Association announced a signed " memorandum of understanding " on a number of issues, including a 4-year extension to the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

The agreement must be ratified by both the NHL Board of Governors and NHLPA’s full membership before NHL training camps open on July 13th.

A majority is needed among players while three-quarters of owners have to support the plan for it to be official.

Both votes are expected to be positive.


The National Hockey League says 35 players have tested positive for coronavirus.

The league says 23 of 396 players checked for COVID-19 at team facilities have tested positive since voluntary Phase 2 workouts began in early June

The NHL added it is aware of 12 additional positive test results..

More than 2,900 tests have been conducted at team facilities.

Dallas Drops Out

FC Dallas has withdrawn from the " MLS is Back " Tournament after 10 players and a coach tested positive for COVID-19.

FC Dallas is currently in quarantine in Orlando

The MLS tournament now has 25 teams and is scheduled to start tomorrow at Disney's Wide World of Sports complex in Orlando

Three Canadian teams; Toronto FC, the Montreal Impact and the Vancouver Whitecaps will compete in the tournament.


Chiefs Sign Mahomes For A Decade

The Kansas City Chiefs of the National Football League have signed Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes to a 10-year extension worth up to $503 million,

It's the richest contract in professional sports history, surpassing Mike Trout's deal with the Los Angeles Angels in baseball.

Mahomes agreed to the extension which includes a no-trade clause and opt-out clauses if guarantee mechanisms aren't met.

The quarterback, known as " Showtime, Magic Man, The Musician, Fatrick, The Gunslinger or Mahomeboy " was the NFL's MVP in 2018.

The contract extension for the quarterback starts in 2022 when the NFL salary cap is projected to be $227 million.

However, that number could be lower depending on revenue losses due to the coronavirus pandemic

CFL Update

The initial proposal from the Canadian Football League to the Players' Association includes a shortened training camp, prorated salaries, reduced time between games plus expanded practice rosters.

Among the items being discussed is a 6-game season with an expanded 8-team playoff format. 

The CFL will require approval from medical authorities across the country, plus a new collective bargaining agreement and financial assistance from the Canadian government

Grey Bruce Junior Golf Tour 

Opening Day

10 am at Scenic City Golf Course

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