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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Lion's Head Lighthouse to be Rebuilt in 2020

Lion's Head | by Cody Misner  

The lighthouse was first built in 1911 and was reconstructed in 1983.

Ryan Deska, Community Services Manager for the municipality says this is an ambitious timeline.

"We would ideally like it to be done before harbour season gets up and running but I don't want to over promise and under deliver," Deska says.

Recently the lighthouse was destroyed beyond repair by a storm.

The lighthouse was first built in 1911 and was reconstructed in 1983.  

Deska says that the new lighthouse will use materials better suited to withstand the harsh weather the region can undergo.  

"Our primary concern is maintaining the most original look and location as possible," states Deska. "But given that, we want this lighthouse to last for generations to come."

Deska says that there is a chance the pier where the lighthouse rests could need some work done as well if the new materials use weigh too much.

He does note that they are still very early in the process and that more concrete details will be presented to council Monday.  

The municipality is accepting donations to help fund the development, there is no cost determined at this time.  

Volunteers or those with a story to tell about the lighthouse can also email

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