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Friday, December 20, 2019

Study Shows Not Enough Demand For A Hotel In Hanover

Hanover | by Robyn Garvey  

It's not the results Hanover had hoped for, but the town could use the data.

The results from an Accommodation Needs Study are in. The study explored whether or not there is a market and economic opportunity to develop a hotel in Hanover.

It's not the results Hanover had hoped for, but the data from the study will still be incredibly useful for the Town.

A Hotel Feasibility study has concluded that there is not enough demand at this time for a traditional hotel development project in Hanover. (ie.Best Western)

Instead, Consultant Nicole Nguyen suggests that Hanover should explore alternative accommodation possibilities such as B&Bs, mixed use accommodation and boutique inns.

Nguyen says this is not say that Hanover won't be ready for a traditional hotel development project in the future.

She suggests first however that the Town focus on growing its economic and tourism market.

Councilor Dave Hocking is optimistic however that a traditional hotel development project is much more attainable that what the Hotel Feasibility Study concludes.

He notes Hanover has a huge regional draw and advised his fellow Councilors to consider the report but not take it as the gospel truth, saying one should never underestimate what Hanover can do.

Economic Development Manager April Marshall says Hanover will use the study and the data as a benchmark in attraction efforts.

With the absence of a banquet/conference hall for larger functions and events, she says it has made it more difficult to recognize the amount of business that these types of rooms could represent.

She notes time will also show the amount of visitation that Gateway Casinos and other attractions and events will bring as they continue to grow.

In the meantime, Hanover will review its by-laws to ensure support and promote the feasible opportunities for purpose built products like B&Bs, mixed use accommodation and boutique inns. 

Hanover received a 10 thousand dollar grant from the Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sports Tourism Development Fund to help offset the 19 thousand dollar Hotel Feasibility study.

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