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Wednesday, December 18, 2019

East Ridge Kindergarten Class Makes Donation to OSHaRE

Owen Sound | by Cody Misner  

Students raised $50 by selling cookies baked in class to teachers in the school.

Students from Nadine Osborne's kindergarten class at East Ridge Elementary School are showing the community the true meaning of Christmas a bit early.  

The group of 4-5-year-old students raised $50 last week by selling cookies baked in class to teachers in the school.  

This money was then donated to OSHaRE, a local organization who provides meals to the homeless and less fortunate.  

Nadine Osborne says the idea belongs to that of one little girl, who asked Osborne if they could sell snacks and give the money to people who couldn't afford food.  

Osborne says this is the type of teaching opportunity she can't resist, "There was no possible way I could design a lesson that is as powerful and engaging as the one they brought to me,"  Osborne says, "All I had to do was support them in it."

Students baked the cookies and took shifts manning a desk to ask adult staff for donations for a cookie.  

They also received a visit from the Executive Director of OSHaRE who told the students about the services the group provides to the community.

Osborne says being able to assist in making this lesson happen was a reward of its own.

"It is a powerful thing," Osborne states, "We know that if they feel they are owning their learning in kindergarten than they will be excited and engaged as learners as they move on."

Students voted to sell Snickerdoodle cookies to raise the money.  


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