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Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Hanover Police Look Back On A Year Of Legal Pot

Hanover | by Robyn Garvey  

Police Chief has noticed an increase in cannabis related calls since it became legal.

The claim that the legalization of cannabis would free police time up is debatable, at least in Hanover.

Chief Chris Knoll says Hanover Police Services has noticed an increase in cannabis related calls for service since cannabis became legal on October 17th 2018.

This includes a rise in the number of under age youth using cannabis to the point of intoxication, an increase in number of people coming through R.I.D.E. programs with open access to cannabis as well the fact that police are now dealing with calls regarding people stealing cannabis plants from one another.

Knoll says it is safe to say that the legalization of cannabis has increased Hanover's police workload.

As cannabis becomes more mainstream in communities, he says police are having to deal with more and more cannabis problems and issues.
Knoll notes that there are more laws today that deal with cannabis than what there was a year and a half ago before it became legalized.

The impact cannabis has on policing is expected to rise even more now that Health Canada has legalized edibles.

Technically cannabis edibles are legal in Canada (as of Oct 17th 2019), but you can not yet purchase them legally.

This is because producers must adhere to a 60 day wait period following their submission to Health Canada on the products they plan to market to consumers. 

Edibles are expected to hit the shelves by mid December

Knoll says it will be another dynamic that police will have to trouble shoot and educate themselves in order to keep pace with new regulations and rules.


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