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Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Ruff Wins Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound, Den Tandt Wishes Him Good Luck

Owen Sound | by Cody Misner  

Tory candidate cruises to election with over 46% support.

Conservative Alex Ruff has secured election in the riding of Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound, keeping the seat Tory blue after longtime MP Larry Miller retired from politics after 15 years in Ottawa.

Ruff won the riding with 46% of the vote.  

A Retired Colonel, Ruff grew up in Tara and attended Chesley District High School and is mindful that the agricultural community is the backbone of his support.

To that end, Ruff relates his first step as MP will be to attend the Keady Market on Tuesday morning to show his appreciation to those rural supporters and cement his desire to be a powerful voice for rural and agricultural affairs.

Ruff won the majority of the polls, but was discouraged in those areas where he did not finish on top.

He says the message from those results is that he has to work harder going forward to convince those regions that he is the best candidate to represent them in Ottawa.

After being proclaimed as the winner in Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound, Ruff was grateful to his family and his campaign staff and especially to those who cast their vote in his favor.

Ruff also offered plaudits to those who ran against him.

"They ran a clean campaign, they all worked super hard," Ruff says. "It is not easy to put your name forward into the public lime light, so congratulations."

Ruff's main opponent this election was Liberal candidate Michael Den Tandt. He ended his campaign with 29.9% of the vote.  

During his closing speech to supporters at the Harmony Centre in Owen Sound, Den Tandt referred to the loss as "heartbreaking."

In an interview, Den Tandt tried to stay optimistic by pointing to the larger picture nationally.

"The worst possible outcome would have been Andrew Scheer becoming Prime Minister, and that has been avoided," Den Tandt states.

After his speech, Den Tandt personally called to congratulate Ruff on his victory and says he hopes to see him succeed as the local MP.

See the full results from the Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound riding here.


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