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Thursday, October 17, 2019

Alex Ruff (Conservative)

Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound | by Bayshore News Staff  

2019 Federal Candidate in Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound.

1) Yes or no: Do you support a carbon tax as a method to address climate change? Why or why not?

The Conservative Party does not support a carbon tax, which drives up the cost of gasoline, groceries, home heating and is not having the desired effect on lowering emissions. Our Green Technology, Not Taxes plan will focus on the biggest carbon emitters funding emissions lowering technology within their own industries. We will then export this technology globally to lower emissions in places like China and India. We will also focus on practical initiatives like plastic and waste reduction and on community engagement and consultation to conserve and protect our air, land, water and wildlife.

2) Yes or no: Do you support stricter gun controls? If so, what do you propose? If not, why?

I support stricter firearms legislation targeted at criminals not law-abiding firearms owners. A Conservative government will: crack down on smuggled illegal firearms ownership, create a CBSA Firearms Smuggling Task Force, make it a crime to provide a firearm to anyone under a firearms prohibition order, implement stronger background checks for gun licenses, improve information sharing among provinces and territories to track illegal firearms used in crimes, support anti-gang Task Forces and provide an additional $12 million to the Youth Gang Prevention Fund. These are concrete actions that focus on root causes of gun violence not legislation targeting law-abiding citizens.

3) What is your plan to combat the opioid crisis affecting communities in Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound?

The Conservative party will make recovery from addiction the goal of federal substance abuse policy, ensuring every addict has the opportunity to recover. To realize this vision Conservatives will invest in recovery community centres, highschools and treatment centres. We will launch a national education campaign on the dangers of drug use and benefits of staying drug free. Our party has guaranteed to maintain and increase Health and Social Transfers to provinces by at least 3% to allow provinces to better plan and provide health and social programming as any solution to this crisis requires partnership of all levels of government.

4) What is your plan to help retain and attract jobs and industry to Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound?

The Conservative party believes the best way government can help business and industry thrive, is to get out of the way. Our party will reverse Trudeau's tax increases on small business, reduce Canada's 131,754 federal regulations by 25% and implement a 2-for-1 rule for new regulations. A Minister will be assigned to lead red tape reduction efforts.

We will also have a specific fund for rural infrastructure projects and will make rural broadband access a priority. Government policies have made doing business in Canada and specifically Ontario unattractive. Addressing Canada's competitiveness is essential to attracting industry back to our region.

5) What is one issue you view of the utmost importance to the people of Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound? Will you vow to take immediate action on it if elected?

From talking to thousands of constituents, rural issues are the most important for our riding. To make sure rural communities have a voice at the table, the Conservative party will: Appoint a Minister of Rural Affairs; Appoint Regional Economic Development Ministers; specify a share of Infrastructure Funding for rural initiatives; expand broadband internet access and expand natural gas infrastructure expansion to rural communities; support rural tourism; support lawful firearms owners rights; and numerous initiatives for farmers and the agricultural sector. Having grown up on a farm here, I understand these issues and vow to be a strong voice in Ottawa.

6) What is one policy of your party you want to highlight that you feel will help enrich the lives of your constituents, friends and neighbours in Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound?

I would highlight our affordability policies. The Conservative platform is built on affordability initiatives. We will: Scrap the Carbon Tax; implement an Universal Tax Cut on the lowest tax bracket; Remove GST from Home Heating; Fix the Mortgage Stress Test and Increase Mortgage Amortization to 30 years for first-time homebuyers; Reinstate Child Fitness and Arts Tax Credits; Boost RESP Savings; Increase Age Credit for Seniors; make Maternity Benefits Tax Free, and bring in a Green Home Renovation Tax Credit. These are some of the ways a Conservative government will immediately put more money in the pockets of constituents of BGOS.

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