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Thursday, October 17, 2019

Danielle Valiquette (Green)

Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound | by Bayshore News Staff  

2019 Federal Candidate in Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound.

1) Yes or no: Do you support a carbon tax as a method to address climate change? Why or why not?

Yes, the Green Party supports a carbon tax; however, it is just one tool that economists recommended to reduce co2 emissions. What we are really talking about here is how to evolve our entire society to use different energy sources.

This is a massive global shift by all sectors of the economy and the 7.5 billion people who share this planet and depend on its resources for life.

The Green Party has for years advocated for a Carbon Fee and Dividend system, an approach that ensures revenue neutrality and social equity, as well as ensuring that the real costs of wasting energy and resources are accounted for. 

2) Yes or no: Do you support stricter gun controls? If so, what do you propose? If not, why?

The Green Party respects the legitimate ownership and use of firearms by hunters and farmers and believes that we need to strengthen measures to combat gun smuggling and the possession of banned weapons. We must ensure that law-abiding citizens pursuing legal activities in target shooting or hunting are free from unreasonable fees and the threat of criminalization.

Greens will ensure that gun smuggling is prosecuted as a gun crime of the highest order rather than as only a customs violation. Additionally, gun crime charges cannot be dropped to facilitate convictions on lesser charges; review the registry for restricted firearms in consultation with gun clubs, hunter organizations, and First Nations. 

3) What is your plan to combat the opioid crisis affecting communities in Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound?

Canada's opioid prescribing rate is the second-highest in the world, after the United States. One in eight Canadians has a friend or family member who has become dependent on opioids in the last five years, and one in five knows someone who has been affected by the fentanyl crisis, many of them accidentally. The Green Party of Canada will legalize personal possession of all drugs, to encourage those who are consuming drugs to make sure they are not contaminated, and in the event that a friend overdoses to ensure they will call 911 to save a life rather than worry about being arrested. 

4) What is your plan to help retain and attract jobs and industry to Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound?

The digital divide in Canada speaks to the social inequalities within our country. An increase in rural Broadband means a stronger economy and more options for everyone including our youth. 

And right now what we are getting is too slow and too slow. 

First, the investments the government is making are inadequate. $130 million annually for all of Canada does not solve the problem. The rural areas in south-west Ontario alone have at least a $2.5 billion dollar infrastructure deficit today according to South Western Integrated Fibre Technology or SWIFT, which is a not-for-profit regional broadband project to subsidize the construction of a broadband network in parts of South Western Ontario.

5) What is one issue you view of the utmost importance to the people of Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound? Will you vow to take immediate action on it if elected?

The biggest issue we, as a planet are facing, is climate change. 

A team of Green MPs in a minority parliament will actually shift Canada's target and develop a real plan to avert climate catastrophe. The Green Party's Mission: Possible is the only evidence-based climate plan with deep detail aiming to meet IPCC advice and avoid going above 1.5 degrees C. The other parties' plans fail to avoid climate catastrophe. 

As your MP, I will work with municipal governments to review all infrastructure investments for adaptation for climate change.  

6) What is one policy of your party you want to highlight that you feel will help enrich the lives of your constituents, friends and neighbours in Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound?

I am very proud of the Green Party's approach to attainable housing because instead of offering boutique tax cuts, we are offering real solutions. Federal incentives for purpose-built rental housing were eliminated in the 1970s. During decades of encouraging homeownership, federal support for co-ops, rental housing, social housing and supportive housing has languished. We now face a national shortage of affordable housing and as a result, a growing problem of homelessness and housing insecurity.

The government's National Housing Strategy does not address the immediate core housing needs across Canada and funding for affordable housing will roll out over 15 years, but it is needed now. 

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