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Thursday, October 17, 2019

Dan Little (Libertarian)

Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound | by Bayshore News Staff  

2019 Federal Candidate in Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound.

1) Yes or no: Do you support a carbon tax as a method to address climate change? Why or why not?

No, of course not. There is virtually no accountability to ensure the collected money will go to where it is supposed to go. The thought of a tax on the production of C02 is laughable at best, I don't want more "tax and spend" or "cap and trade". I want the free markets to take the reigns from our incompetent government and use innovation to develop privately funded carbon capture centers that can remove C02 from the air and sell it on the world markets as a usable resource.

2) Yes or no: Do you support stricter gun controls? If so, what do you propose? If not, why?

The notion that gun control will ever equate crime reduction is false. This has been witnessed in the UK where stabbings are on the rise, yet the nation has very strict gun controls. The solution to gun crime is to address the root cause of the problem itself and not focus on the symptoms. The major cause of gun crimes are antiquated drug prohibition laws. If we decriminalize all drugs which will pull the rug out from under the black-market drug trade, the amount of gun crime would decrease.

3) What is your plan to combat the opioid crisis affecting communities in Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound?

This is another area where Government action has failed. By restricting access to relatively safe "white market" or Doctor prescribed opioids, the government has compounded the problem by causing a rise in very unsafe black-market opioids. Again, the root cause must be investigated, if we were to decriminalize all drugs and treat drug use as a medical issue and not a criminal issue, we would see actual drug use drop as crime rates also drop in proportion. This model is proven to work in Portugal, I would love to see it work here in Canada as well.

4) What is your plan to help retain and attract jobs and industry to Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound?

Jobs and industrial growth must be kept away from the government at all costs. We can no longer grant complex tax credits or direct subsidy payment to businesses; we can not afford the financial or moral costs of interfering with the free markets. We must even the playing field for all and abolish all mandatory taxes so that business can keep its wealth and reinvest in their business and employees.

5) What is one issue you view of the utmost importance to the people of Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound? Will you vow to take immediate action on it if elected?

The issue I view as the utmost importance to all the people of Canada not just Bruce Grey Owen Sound is the deficit and sovereign debt. The deficits of today are the taxes of tomorrow, never forget that because it seems the Ottawa establishment has completely forgotten it. We must eliminate this deficit, not in 5 years or even in 2 years. But right now! We must reduce federal spending to get us out of the hole the government has dug for us all and we must abolish all mandatory taxes to rejuvenate the economy.

6) What is one policy of your party you want to highlight that you feel will help enrich the lives of your constituents, friends and neighbours in Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound?

Our proudest party policy is the total abolition of all mandatory taxation. By allowing each citizen to retain 100% of the value of their labour, we can transition into a totally free voluntary society from a mandatory tax and spend nation that taxes and spends so much that it must revert to borrowing money so that it can spend even more. All our programs can be voluntarily funded by the people who wish to use them, and private alternatives can exist for each government program, giving you the people the first and final choice.

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