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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Group Wants to Stop Aggressive Invasive Species in Dufferin County

Dufferin County | by Jill Young  

Phragmites are an extremely tall grass with a feathery top, and is often found in ditches.

A couple who owns property in the Mulmur area is fighting an invasive plant species and raising awareness about its threatening nature.

Phragmites are an extremely tall grass with a feathery top, and is often found in ditches and can grow as tall as 20 feet.

Each of the heads contain about 2000 seeds per flower and can be spread in various ways, including even by human, animal or vehicular activity.

Ernie and Angela Lynch are hoping to raise awareness that people need to start taking action to stop the plant from spreading as it chokes out other viable vegetation like crops on farmland by releasing toxins.

Phragmites can be a challenge for farmers as well because they redirect water sources and can flood fields.

They say people have even been clipping the plant and using it in planters or planting it on their property.

The Lynches have already been trying to get the word out in various parts of Dufferin before it gets out of control.

They'll be doing a presentation for Shelburne Council in early December.

They also have a Facebook page for people who want to be a "Phrag Fighter" and get more information, it can be found under "Mulmur Melancthon Mono Amaranth Phrag Fighters"  -

You can also check out the Ontario Phragmites Working Group at

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