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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Police Warn About Fraud and Scams

Orangeville | by Phil DeLand  

Orangeville Police say they continue to get reports of residents being targeted by scammers.

Orangeville Police are reminding residents that fraud and scams are still prevalent in the community.

They say they continue to get reports of residents being targeted by the CRA scam, authority scams and distraction scams.

Police say a 31-year-old Hanover woman was in Orangeville on Friday when she got a call from who she believed to be the Hanover Police Service.

She reported that her caller ID showed "Hanover Police."

She says she was told to complete a Bitcoin transaction to avoid being arrested for more than $10,000.

Meanwhile, on Saturday, a 58-year-old area woman was approached by a female in the Walmart parking lot, claiming to be lost and asking for directions.

The alleged lost female was drawing the woman’s attention to a map while a second person is believed to have removed a wallet from the victim’s vehicle.

The victim didn't realize what had happened until she received a message from her bank advising of activity on her credit cards.

Within a few hours the victims Visa card was used at an Orangeville business and bank, as well as a business in Fergus.

Police are continuing to investigate both incidents and remind residents to be vigilant for these kinds of scams in our community.

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