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Wednesday, September 25, 2019

People's Party Leader Discusses Immigration and Canadian Identity During Owen Sound Visit

Owen Sound | by Cody Misner  

Bernier brought up are reducing the number of immigrants brought into Canada to around 150,000.

Maxime Bernier, leader of the People's Party of Canada, echoed his party's stance on issues like immigration, taxes and Canadian identity off the walls of the Harmony Centre in Owen Sound Tuesday night.

Bernier spoke to an audience of converted conservatives, undecided voters and even some people who opposed him.

The largest topic discussed was the People's Party's plan for immigration in Canada.  

One point of the party's policy that Bernier brought up is reducing the number of immigrants brought into Canada to around 150,000.   

He also proposed more in depth interview and screening processes for those wishing to immigrate.  

Bernier says that by lowering the number of incoming immigrants to 150,000 annually,  it puts Canada in line with other countries.

"We would be in line with the US and many other European countries," Bernier states. "It's not racist and it's important for these people to be sure they are coming here to celebrate our Canadian values."

The topic of what it means to be Canadian was a big part of the party leader's discussions, with him saying that he does not see Chinese-Canadians or Hindu-Canadians, but rather just Canadians.

This stance did draw a question from one local resident who asks: "I am a proud Canadian but also proud of my Pakistani heritage. Why can't I be a Pakistani-Canadian? Why do those identities have to be mutually exclusive?"

Bernier replied to the question by saying: "It's your choice but I see you as a Canadian. I don't want you to forget everything in your past,"

Bernier added: "I want you to come to Canada and well knowing of our Canadian values and history, keeping some of your flavour."

Bernier went on to state that he would like to see more focus put on what unites Canadians rather then the diversity that separates them.

He says he is against the Multiculturalism Act because as Bernier states "we don't need government legislature to tell us who we are."

Mr.Bernier also vowed that a People's Party government would save Canadian tax payers $35 billion with varying tax rates for different income brackets.  

He states that the government would make up for this revenue loss by cutting things like conventional welfare and foreign aid.

It was recently announced that Bernier would be allowed to take part in the televised debates happening in early October.

This comes despite calls from the NDP and Green Party Leaders Jagmeet Singh and Elizabeth to have him removed from the debates, according to reports.

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau has said he looks forward to calling out Bernier where as Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer has stated Trudeau will be his focus during the debates.

At the time of this writing Maxime Bernier is still taking part in the October 7th televised debate.

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