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Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Small Fee for Proof of Insurance Charge in Saugeen Shores

Saugeen Shores | by John Divinski  

A fee of $20 will now be charged to cover the work involved in back-checking and clearing tickets


A previous free service to provide proof of insurance at the police station is now going to cost you.

It's happened to many people.

You have insurance on your vehicle but this time, when stopped by police, you can't provide that piece of paper that says you're insured.

In the past, police could give you 72-hours to provide proof at police headquarters and any ticket would be cancelled and you'd be on your way.

That 72-hour grace period is still being offered at times but Chair of the Saugeen Shores Police Services Board, Councillor Dave Myette says an administration fee of $20 will now be charged to cover the work involved in back-checking and clearing the ticket.

Myette says he has no problem with the new fee because of the person-hours involved in the process.

He says many municipalities in Ontario follow the practice that has just been introduced to Saugeen Shores.

Myette says paying the admin fee is the better deal because a ticket could cost you around $200 if not more.

He says the best plan is to make sure you have your insurance papers in the vehicle or with you when you drive.

It was just announced that a digital copy of your proof of insurance on your phone is now acceptable as well.

Myette suggests the problem must have been significant enough for the police chief to bring the suggestion forward, stating it can create a burden on his staff.

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