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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Gold For Kulakowsky

York University | by Bayshore News Staff  

Ontario Minor Track and Field Indoor Championships

courtesy Georgian Bay Coyotes 

The 2019 Ontario Minor Track and Field Indoor Track and Field Championships were hosted at York University's 200m indoor track facility on Saturday, March 23rd and Sunday, March 24th.  With over 800 race entries, there were kids all over the field house competing in sprints, hurdles, jumps, throws and distance events.  The Georgian Bay Coyotes came ready to race with 17 of their top Grade 8-and-Under members competing in the distance events.  

Saturday began with the Tyke [9-10yo] Girls 1200m and the Coyotes let everyone know they were there to race.  Freja Kulakowsky [9yo] of the Blue Mountains took gold in a sprint to the finish with 4 other girls right on her tail.  Freja also shattered the old record of 4:38.38 by over 13 seconds. 

Teammate Sydney Snelling [9yo] of South Penninsula Shores also broke the old record

Emmett Leary [10yo] of Meaford grabbed a bronze in the Tyke Boys 1200m, just being edged out for silver by 0.71 seconds.  

Ella Kulakowsky [8yo] of the Blue Mountains and Nathan Leary [8yo] of Meaford each earned a bronze medal in their respective Mite 400m event.  

Huge personal best performances were posted by Marshall Grady [10 seconds in his Mite Boys 400m], Payton Weppler [17 seconds in her Senior Girls 1500m] and Devlin Gills [8 seconds in his Senior Boys 1500m].

On Sunday our Coyotes came out flying with everyone competing in the 800m distance.  The first 9 members racing all posted personal best times and more PB's followed.  

Nathan Leary [8yo] of Meaford and Marshall Grady [8yo] of Desboro took gold and silver respectively in the Mite Boys, with each running huge PB times.  This was Nathan's 2nd medal of the weekend.  

Freja Kulakowsky won her 2nd medal as well - bronze in the Tyke Girls event - with a 4 second PB, with 6 girls all sprinting to the finish fighting for that bronze medal.  

Other large PB jumps came from the Tyke Girls 800m race.  Sydney Snelling [10 seconds], Rimyelle Grady [5 seconds], Taryn Weppler [8 seconds] and Estelle MacInness-Wiley [6 seconds].  Olivia Latham dropped her 800m Atom Girls time by 6 seconds. 

Overall the Coyotes came home with 1 provincial record, 7 medals [2 gold, 1 silver and 4 bronze], 12 top-5 placings, as well as 23 personal best performances out of 33 race opportunities.  

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Results: [* = personal best time]

Mite Girls [7-8yo] 400m
Ella Kulakowsky [8yo] - 3rd/11 @ 1:26.38*

Mite Boys [7-8yo] 400m
Nathan Leary [8yo] - 3rd/6 @ 1:32.30*
Marshall Grady [8yo] - 4th/6 @ 1:37.61*

Mite Boys [7-8yo] 800m
Nathan Leary [8yo] - 1st/2 @ 3:12.29*
Marshall Grady [8yo] - 2nd/2 @ 3:36.20*

Tyke Girls [9-10yo] 800m
Freja Kulakowsky [9yo] - 3rd/12 @ 2:49.97*
Sydney Snelling [9yo] - 4th/12 @ 2:50.47*
Rimyelle Grady [10yo] - 6th/12 @ 2:53.94*
Taryn Weppler [10yo] - 10th/12 @ 3:05.83*
Estelle MacInness-Wiley [9yo] - 12/12 @ 3:12.24*

Tyke Boys [9-10yo] 800m
Emmett Leary [10yo] - 4th/13 @ 2:48.31*
Ethan Milne-Pearson [10yo] - 6th/13 @ 2:53.99*

Atom Girls [11-12yo] 800m
Taryn Lee [12yo] - 7th/32 @ 2:37.51*
Olivia Latham [11yo] - 12th/32 @ 2:45.79*
Keira Snelling [11yo] - 27th/32 @ 2:58.02 [sore foot]
Skyler Jenks [12yo] - 30th/32 @ 3:11.43

Atom Boys [11-12yo] 800m
Kaj Kulakowsky [11yo] - 18th/22 @ 2:48.86 [missed PB by <1sec]

Senior Girls [13-14yo] 800m
Payton Weppler [14yo] - 25th/36 @ 2:45.97*

Senior Boys [13-14yo] 800m 
Devlin Gillis [14yo] - 16th/39 @ 2:30.82

Tyke Girls [9-10yo] 1200m
Feja Kulakowsky [9yo] - 1st/12 @ 4:25.12* - new Tyke 9 Provincial Record! [Was 4:38.38]
Sydney Snelling [9yo] - 5th/12 @ 4:37.00* [also broke the old record of 4:38.38]
Rimyelle Grady [10yo] - 7th/12 @ 4:47.38
Taryn Weppler [10yo] - 9th/12 @ 4:48.12*
Estelle MacInness-Wiley [9yo] - 11th/12 @ 4:52.62*

Tyke Boys [9-10yo] 1200m
Emmett Leary [10yo] - 3rd/6 @ 4:20.93*
Ethan Milne-Pearson [10yo] - 4th/6 @ 4:32.15*

Atom Girls [11-12yo] 1500m
Taryn Lee [12yo] - 9th/24 @ 5:33.41
Kiera Snelling [11yo] - 11th/24 @ 5:36.49 [missed PB by 1.58sec] 
Olivia Latham [11yo] - 16th/24 @ 5:45.37 [missed PB by 1.37sec]
Skyler Jenks [12yo] - 22nd/24 @ 6:24.65

Atom Boys [11-12yo] 1500m
Kaj Kulakowsky [11yo] - 15th/25 @ 5:35.41 - fighting a bug

Senior Girls [13-14yo] 1500m
Payton Weppler [14yo] -20th/28 @ 5:35.11*
Senior Boys [13-14yo] 1500m 
Devlin Gillis [14yo] - 9th/34 @ 5:00.69*

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