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Sunday, March 24, 2019

Concerns Raised About Intersection Near 7Acres

Tiverton | by John Divinski  

The company believes the intersections are an accident waiting to happen.

7Acres in the Bruce Energy Centre, wants to shed some light on the Farrell Drive/Bruce Road 20 intersections.

There are fears the intersections are an accident waiting to happen.

Senior Project Manager for 7 Acres Dan Piggott says the work forces at his firm and the others within the Energy Centre are growing and that means more traffic trying to negotiate Bruce Road 20 onto Farrell Drive or vice-versa.

Piggott explained the issue to Bruce County's Transporation and Environmental Services Committee on March 21st, asking for street lights to be put up sooner rather than later.

He says the intersections are difficult to see, especially in the winter and it can create traffic backups and possible scenarios for accidents which fortunately haven't happened yet.

Piggott says he's aware of several near misses at the intersections because they can't be seen as clearly as they should, especially in the winter when driving conditions can deteriorate.

County councillors will wait to get a report from department director Miguel Pelletier.who believes the cost could range anywhere from 25-to-50-thousand-dollars.

He'll report back to the committee in April.

7Acres has the support of other firms within the Energy Centre, along with Bruce Power itself to light up the intersections.


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