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Monday, January 7, 2019

Bruce Ag Group Asking For Money

Bruce County | by John Divinski  

Bruce County Ag Federation says they missed out on operations funding last year.

Bruce County Federation of Agriculture has asked for $15,000 support from Bruce County, to operate in 2019.

Federation President John Rodgers, speaking to Bruce County Councillors on January 3rd, says they hope to get the help in 2019, since they missed out on the 2018 contribution because of an unknown policy change by the county for financial requests.

County councillor and Mayor of Brockton, Chris Peabody says the group does good work and wanted to know if there was any way the county could give the group the 2018 grant retroactively.

That will be studied further at upcoming budget sessions.

Rodgers says whatever money they get, it will be appreciated and put to good use saying the money helps offset costs of operations, meetings and even bursaries.

He says in 2018, they had the same costs and took money from their reserves to cover the expenses.

In his presentation, Rodgers says there are many concerns faced by farmers in Bruce County, including a late harvest with bean and corn fields that needed to be harvested.

He says deflated prices for commodities through trade wars also affected the farmer as well.

Rodgers points out, it's becoming more difficult to get young people to take over the operation of farms, with so many other good-paying job opportunities in Bruce County, such as the increased labour force at Bruce Power for its planned Life Extension Program.

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