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Monday, December 24, 2018

Holiday Fire Prevention Tips

Owen Sound | by Claire McCormack  

Owen Sound firefighters say cooking, Christmas trees & candles can cause fires.

The Owen Sound Fire department has some fire prevention tips for the busy holiday season.

Fire Prevention Officer Greg Nicol says "This time of year, people are very busy, they're hosting, they've got a lot of things on the go, a lot of things on their mind but we want to make sure that people remember that fires can start in their house, they need to be aware."

Nicol says most fires start in the kitchen and with all the entertaining and Christmas cooking this season, people need to stay in the kitchen when cooking.

He says you should also limit alcohol and recreational marijuana consumption while cooking.

If a fire starts in a cooking pot, Nicol says to leave the pot where it is and put a lid on it. He says to also make sure your stove is off before you go to bed.

Nicol says natural Christmas trees can be a fire hazard if they're not taken care of properly, "As we wrap up the holiday season, make sure you're watering that Christmas tree. It will be drying out, it will be thirsty do your best to keep it as well as possible."

He says to make sure pother greenery around the house is well away from anything that can burn.

In Owen Sound, Nicol says the best way to dispose of your natural tree is to take it to the City compost site. "Mostly in the City of Owen Sound, burning that tree is going to be against our bylaw," says Nicol.

If you smoke or have visitors who smoke, make sure cigarettes they are aware of where they're putting their cigarette butts and make sure those butts are cold and wet before they go into a garbage can.


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