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Friday, December 28, 2018

Bruce Power Looks Back at 2018

Bruce Power | by Travis Jackson  

Another successful year for the nuclear giant.

2018 was another big year for the world's largest nuclear generating station.

Bruce Power reached a number of significant milestones in 2018, as it prepares for its first Major Component Replacement (MCR) Project in January 2020.
Bruce Power's Life-Extension Program, which began on January 1st, 2016, remains on time and on budget. These planned maintenance outages will allow Units 3-8 to operate safely and reliably until their scheduled refurbishment, with Unit 6 being the first to begin its MCR.


Some big accomplishments for 2018:

- Bruce Power receiving a 10-year operating licence extension from the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC). The licence renewal allows Bruce Power to operate to 2028.
- Bruce Power's Unit 8 set a site record by operating for 623 consecutive days, before it was removed from service this past fall for a planned maintenance outage. 

- Bruce Power's Unit 6 MCR will proceed in January 2020 after the Independent Electricity System Operator verified the company's final cost estimate for the project. 

- The company signed over $2 billion in MCR contracts with its supplier partners.

- Over 40 nuclear supplier partners have opened offices and facilities, or launched new businesses in Bruce, Grey, and Huron counties since the joint Economic Development and Innovation Initiative was unveiled by Bruce Power and the County of Bruce in 2016. 

- Bruce Power and its supplier partners created an Indigenous Relations Supplier Network (IRSN) as they seek to further strengthen their relationships with local Indigenous communities. The office is located in Port Elgin.

- The Nuclear Innovation Institute (NII) was announced, which will be a space that will serve to support and enhance innovation, craft trades and skilled workforce development, education, and business incubation and acceleration. 

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