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Sunday, October 14, 2018

Bruce County Official Plan Refresh

Bruce County | by Robyn Garvey  

Brockton hopes for more rural focus

In no uncertain terms, Brockton has made it very clear that it wants the updated Bruce County Official Plan to be rural friendly.

Deputy Mayor Dan Gieruzsak says Brockton wants to make sure the County Plan is appropriate for the rural areas of Brockton.

Over the years Brockton has locked horns with the County Planning Department a number of times over rural land use issues.

One of the more contentious issues for Brockton is how the current Bruce County Official Plan mandates that rural non farming lots that are being severed for the creation of new homes or expanded homes be cut up and often shaped in what he calls unattractive lots shaped like ‘L‘s“ or flag poles.

He says Brockton wants to make sure the updated County Official Plan will be conducive for good family farms and family sized lots.

Red tape is another sore point for Brockton. He says many builders and developers in the rural areas feel there is too much red tape to cut through.

Brockton would like the updated County Official Plan to try to eliminates some of that red tape which he believes would encourage more development in the rural areas of the County.

Residents across Bruce County have a chance to weigh in on the updated Official Plan.

County Senior Planner Mark Paoli says from now until November residents can become engaged by participating in an online survey or visiting one of the many pop up County Official Plan booths that are taking place at events across the County.

The online survey can be accessed at 

Groups and communities can even choose to run their own workshops and the County will help set them up with the materials.

Public consultation closes in November to provide the County with time to review the information collected.

The refreshed County Official Plan is expected to be complete sometime in 2019.

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