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Thursday, October 11, 2018

Tony Bell

Meaford | by Matt Hermiz  

Meaford Council Candidate

1) Yes or No: Should Meaford allow bricks-and-mortar marijuana shops to operate in its boundaries? Why?

Yes, It is not going to change the ability to have, own or consume cannabis. People will still be able to have it delivered or have the ability to grow their own cannabis so not having a bricks and mortar dispensary will not really have any impact within the municipality, with regard to the people who want to consume cannabis products. There may be a need for a by-law as to the locations of the dispensaries.

2) Yes or No: Should the municipality invest more into infrastructure and roads maintenance, even if it creates more expense for ratepayers?Why?

Yes, you always need to take care of infrastructure, it is the one thing the rural community has always stressed to me, we must keep our municipality moving forward.

3) Yes or No: Should Meaford hire a Chief Administrative Officer or continue with the model in place since the departure of the past CAO? Why?

No, The current model is working, the leadership we have is functioning well and I would like to see it continue with annual reviews on its efficiency.

4) What is one other issue facing Meaford you would like to speak to, and how will you address this if elected?

Policing, the rate payers want to see more Police presents within the community and not have them in a reactive mode, but this contract would have municipality see additional costs. So there needs to be a really good community voice on what they would be willing to have for service and the costs associated.

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