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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Lisa Maas Search Rules Out Some Locations

Annan | by Claire McCormack  

A reinforced search effort in Annan last week has ruled out a few locations for good.

Photo Courtesy of Nick Oldrieve 

The search for a woman who went missing 30 years ago carries on.

Founder of, Nick Oldrieve led an intensified search last week for 22 year old Lisa Maas who went missing after a party in Woodford in 1989.

Oldrieve brought in volunteer forensic experts from the GTA, a cadaver dog and specialized equipment to search an old Annan farm property he thinks she could be on.

While they have not found her, he says they've ruled some places out. "I'm confident and the rest of the team is confident that we disproved the four wells and the two septic tanks on the property."

Now, he says the only two locations left on the property to explore are a foundation as well as a pond they've been draining.

Through the use of ground penetrating radar, the foundation was shown to have some kind of large anomaly in it, "I don't want to speculate that it's anything, it's just all we can do is open it up and look. Right now I can say I don't think it's anything. But what do I know?" says Oldrieve.

Meanwhile the pond they drained last week still has a lot of drying up to do,"We drained about 80 per cent of it and it's an odd pond to walk through. When it looked like there was no water in one spot, you step into it and you sink up to your chest."

Oldrieve says some new information has come in and he plans to bring some of the forensic students back to the area once he can pinpoint the location of what a hunter described as a shallow grave he came across back in 1989. While that means searching a whole bush area, Oldrieve says he has a few markers to help narrow it down.

Meanwhile he and his search partner Matthew Nopper haven't ruled out other areas "We're also going to be looking in the opposite direction of Woodford, so in between Woodford and Bognor at a couple of areas."

Oldrieve and Nopper do their searching in their spare time. Each has a day job that is not related to investigations or law enforcement. Nopper used to work for the Owen Sound Sun Times. Oldrieve used to look for missing kids and teens in the Peterborough area and found he was good it it.

Oldrieve was also recently involved in finding the body of 55 year old Terry Schope in the Owen Sound Harbour in July.

Tips that were submitted to their website also helped locate the body of 20 year old Nolan Panchyshyn in the Dornoch area in March. also takes tips regarding the disappearances of Lois Hanna from Kincardine in 1988, Niel McDougall who went missing from Ayton in 1985 and Joe Moore from Kincardine in 2012.

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