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Monday, July 23, 2018

ABCA Recommends Water Conservation In Huron County

Regional | by Peter Jackson  

Spokesperson recommends homeowners limit lawn-watering, and farmers check irrigation systems.

Even with scattered thunderstorms passing through our area this week, Huron County continues to endure the driest conditions we've seen in 20 years.

The Ausable-Bayfield Conservation Authority last week issued a Level One Low Water Advisory, as parts of the Bayfield River watershed all but dried up.

The ABCA's Water Resources Coordinator, Davin Heinbuck says the advisory carries with it a voluntary call for residents, farmers, businesses and industries to cut water usage by 10 per-cent.

Heinbuck says everyone has a part to play in conserving water, with the major issue being surface water-taking.

He recommends that crop farmers make sure their irrigation equipment is maintained in good condition, with as few leaks as possible.

Heinbuck also advises that irrigation be timed to certain parts of the day, instead of being done continuously.

He says homeowners can help save water by also keeping lawn-watering to a minimum in the early morning and evening hours.

Heinbuck adds that it's a good idea to have a barrel to collect whatever rain does fall, and to find ways of reducing general water usage around the house.

He says the last time it was this dry in the Ausable and Bayfield River watersheds, was in 1998 and '99.

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