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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Low Water Advisory Issued For Bayfield River

Bayfield | by Peter Jackson  

ABCA says water levels in some parts of Huron at lowest point in 20 years.

Many parts of Huron County are seeing their driest summer in 20 years, and now the Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority has issued a Level 1 Low Water Advisory.

So far, the notice affects only the Bayfield River watershed.

ABCA Water Resources Coordinator Davin Heinbuck says that area has received less rain than most other parts of the County so far this summer.

Heinbuck says the current flow in the Bayfield River is what you'd expect to see in late August and early September in a dry year.

He adds that ABCA officials haven't seen such low levels at this time of the season since 1998 and '99, which were significant drought years across the province.

Heinbuck says most of any sudden and heavy rainfall would run off, or be captured by vegetation instead of feeding the river.

He says rainfalls of one or two inches, once or twice a week for at least a month would be needed to replenish the Bayfield River to normal flow levels.

The Level 1 advisory carries with it a voluntary request for households, businesses and farms to cut their water use by 10 per-cent while the notice is in effect.

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