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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

22 Medals For Coyotes

Toronto | by Bayshore News Staff  

Flying Angels Meet


The Georgian Bay Coyotes Track Club had 18 members competing at the annual Flying Angels International Meet in Toronto on Saturday, July 7th and Sunday, July 8th.  Over 900 athletes were competing, with competitors coming from southern Ontario, Delaware, Philadelphia, New York City and the Caribbean Islands, as well as other regions.  With several days of scorching heat waves leading up to the event, 25-27'C temps on race day, along with a good head wind coming down the final stretch of the track, running personal times was difficult, but our Coyotes were up for the challenge.  

The sprint events and the field events had very large fields of competitors, while the volume of competition in the distance races was somewhat limited in most races, possibly due to the heat wave over the last several days.

Even so, our Coyotes came ready to battle as they are preparing for their provincial championships coming up in the next couple weeks.  With our 18 members only competing in the 800m, 1200m and 1500m in their specific age groups, we brought home 22 medals and had 14 personal best performances, with several just missing their best times.  Some of our members made tremendous improvements in their times.  Micah Abbott dropped her 800m time by a whopping 32 seconds!!  Rimyelle Grady improved her 1200m time by an impressive 14 seconds and Freja Kulakowsky knocked 10 seconds off her 800m time.

The performance of the weekend for our Coyotes came from grade 10 Meaford student Spencer Book.  He has been hovering around the 2:00 barrier for the 800m for a few months now.  He finally broke that elusive 2:00 barrier on Sunday with his 2nd place finish in the 17-and-Under Boys 800m race with a personal best time of 1:59.77.  His team mate, Ethan Pentland, a grade 9 Durham student, has also been hovering around the 2:00 zone.  Pentland was hot on Book's heals the entire way of the 800m race and took 3rd spot with an ever-so-close personal best time of 2:00.10.

Our Team will be casually competing at the annual Meaford Harbour 1km/5km Road Race on Saturday, July 14th as they taper down for their upcoming provincial championships.  We will be taking some of our top older runners to Windsor on July 21-22 for the Athletics Ontario Track and Field Championships and then taking several of our grade-8-and-under members to the Minor Track Association Track and Field Championships in Hamilton on July 28-29 to bring our summer season to an end.

For more information about the Team, visit our website at 

Results [* = personal best time]

Girls 8-and Under 800m
Freja Kulakowsky - 1st/4 @ 2:53.36*
Micah Abbott - 3rd/4 @ 3:11.28*

Girls 9-and-Under 800m
Rimyelle Grady - 3rd/4 @ 3:02.17

Girls 9-and-Under 1200m 
Freja Kulakowsky [8yo] - 3rd/5 @ 4:43.22
Rimyelle Grady - 4th/5 @ 4:44.81*
Taryn Weppler - 5th/6 @ 5:00.23

Girls 10-and-Under 1200m
Olivia Latham - 4th/4 @ 4:26.27*

Girls 11-and-Under 800m
Taryn Lee - 2nd/9 @ 2:38.49*
Skyler Carefoot - 5th/9 @ 2:56.45
Megan Cowan - 7th/9 @ 2:59.35*

Girls 11-and-Under 1500m
Taryn Lee - 2nd/3 @ 5:58.23
Skyler Carefoot - 3rd/3 @ 6:09.22

Girls 13-and-Under 800m
McKenna Karn - 2nd/4 @ 2:50.28*

Girls 13-and-Under 1500m
McKenna Karn - 2nd/3 @ 6:04.00*

Girls 15-and-Under 800m
Olivia Karn - 1st/5 @ 2:28.09

Girls 15-and-Under 1500m
Olivia Karn - 1st/2 @ 5:13.78

Girls 17-and-Under 1500m
Hannah Knight - 1st/1 @ 5:34.49*

Boys 8-and-Under 800m
Nathan Leary [7yo] - 3rd/4 @ 3:25.00

Boys 9-and-Under 800m
Emmett Leary - 2nd/4 @ 2:51.85 [missed PB by 0.05 sec]

Boys 9-and-Under 1200m
Emmet Leary - 2nd/5 @ 4:28.27
Nathan Leary [7yo] - 5th/5 @ 5:21.46

Boys 10-and-Under 800m 
Kaj Kulakowsky - 2nd/6 @ 2:47.89*
Jack Farmus - 5th/6 @ 3:01.18*

Boys 10-and-Under 1200m
Kaj Kulakowsky - 1st/2 @ 4:15.71*

Boys 11-and-Under 1500m
Wes Brown - 1st/1 @ 6:11.92

Boys 17-and-Under 800m
Spencer Book - 2nd/6 @ 1:59.77*
Ethan Pentland [15yo] - 3rd/6 @ 2:00.10*

Boys 17-and-Under 1500m
Ethan Pentland [15yo] - 1st/5 @ 4:16.67 [missed PB by 0.54 sec]
Spencer Book - 3rd/5 @ 4:31.12

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