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2014 Caring Nurse Award Winners

March 11th, 2014 - Bayshore Broadcasting today announced 26 new winners of its "Caring Nurse Award."

Nominated by listeners to Bayshore Broadcasting radio stations in communities from Goderich to Owen Sound to Orillia, the winners are selected for the stories patients tell of the remarkable care they received.

Kevin Brown, Bayshore’s VP of Sales and Marketing, says "The Caring Nurse Awards recognize RNs and RPNs in a wide range of roles from hospital emergency rooms to psychiatric wards, doctors’ offices, long term and home care settings."

Bayshore’s General Manager, Ross Kentner, says this time the list includes a posthumous winner, Norah Profit, RN, who was an emergency room nurse for many years at Alexander Marine & General Hospital in Goderich. "While this is something we never contemplated," Kentner says, "it reflects the life-long commitment to nursing that nominators say is so characteristic of dedicated nurses."

This brings the total number of nurses honoured to 60 since the award was created as part of Bayshore’s Healthy Tomorrows, a twice a year on-air campaign to promote legacy giving to a dozen hospitals in Bayshore’s radio markets. A list of the latest Caring Nurses is attached.

Each Caring Nurse Award winner receives a plaque and rose and is profiled on their local radio station and on Bayshore’s Healthy Tomorrows website.

“It isn’t easy to get shift workers together in one place at one time, especially over such a large geographic area,” Kentner says. “Presentations will take place over the next few weeks as publicly as we can make them, including some live on-air as part of special Healthy Tomorrows programming.”

A list of the winners from the Owen Sound area, the Bruce Peninsula, South Grey Bruce, Huron County, and Simcoe County follows. Click here to see a list of previous Caring Nurse Award winners: 2012 and 2013!

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To read more about the award or nominate someone to receive one, click here.

Owen Sound area

Alma Geonanga RN, Owen Sound Regional Hospital

Alma GeonangaAlma Geonanga, Registered Nurse at Owen Sound Regional Hospital, was nominated by a family whose last memories of their father was the fun he had teasing her. They wrote: “He just loved her!”

An otherwise stressful time was transformed by the warm, easy-going, comfortable atmosphere Alma created with a lot of good humour. Dad would chuckle and smile as she always had an answer for him. We will always treasure those memories and will be grateful for the excellent care our father received.

Bayshore Broadcasting congratulates Alma Geonanga, RN, Owen Sound Regional Hospital.

Susan Miller RN, Owen Sound Regional Hospital

Susan MillerSusan Miller Registered Nurse at the Owen Sound Regional Hospital, was nominated for her outstanding contributions to the OSCVI’s Medical Missions trip to Nicaragua. 14 students participated including Susan’s Daughter.

Her nominator wrote: “Working at the hospital and teaching at Georgian College, somehow she managed to take two weeks out of her life to touch the lives of Nicaraguans and help the students prepare for the trip.”

Bayshore Broadcasting congratulates Susan Miller, RN, Owen Sound Regional Hospital.

Judy Greig RN, Owen Sound Regional Hospital

Judy GreigJudy Greig, Registered Nurse at the Owen Sound Regional Hospital, was nominated by Elmer Angell whose granddaughter, Tina Feltis, spent much of her short life in a hospital. Born with cystic fibrosis, she had many stays in the hospital as a young child. As she grew into her teens, those long days in the hospital could have been very boring but Judy Greig became her friend as well as her nurse. She always found ways to keep Tina busy.

Bayshore Broadcasting congratulates Judy Greig, RN, Owen Sound Regional Hospital.

Nancy Little RN, Owen Sound Regional Hospital

Nancy LittleNancy was nominated by a family who described her as their “angel nurse.” Last October their father was hospitalized but making progress when he suffered a fall and succumbed to his injury. “Nancy Little was the most incredible nurse anyone could ask for… attentive to dad’s needs as well as our entire family. She was gentile, loving and understanding as well as a shoulder to cry on. She came to pay her respects to our father and also to our parent’s home.”

Bayshore Broadcasting congratulates Nancy Little, RN, Owen Sound Regional Hospital.

Debbie Zehr-Holst RPN, Owen Sound Regional Hospital

Debbie only came to nursing at middle age. Then, she was on a mission trip to Haiti in 2010 when the devastating earthquake struck. She described it as unimaginable and with so few doctors, she joined the nurses stepping up to help the injured.

Debbie also works part time with Georgian College helping to train nursing students. Last fall she returned to Haiti to pick up where they left off and to further their mission work. Her nominator described her as a wonderful role model for her chosen career.

Bayshore Broadcasting congratulates Debbie Zehr-Hoist, RN, Owen Sound Regional Hospital.

Christina Sebesta RN, Owen Sound Regional Hospital

Christina works on the Psychiatric floor of the hospital. Her nominator says she cared for a family member for about 13 months: “She has a unique capacity for compassion, limitless patience and a heart of pure gold.

“A greater understanding and tolerance of individuals battling mental illness needs to be fostered in our community. Anyone facing a mental illness can find no safer haven than in Christina’s care…”

Bayshore Broadcasting congratulates Christina Sebesta, RN, Owen Sound Regional Hospital.

Holly Bowen RPN, Meaford Long Term Care

Holly BowenHolly is a restorative care coordinator at Meaford Long Term Care where she has worked for over 25 years. Described as “the voice of fairness to residents and staff, she is a caring advocate for everyone and a mentor encouraging the practice of humanity in their daily care routine.” Her nominator wrote: “She can teach anyone anything. I have been honoured to work with and learn from her.”

Bayshore Broadcasting congratulates Holly Bowen RPN, another of our caring nurses.

Carol Knox RN, Dr. A.L. McArthur's family practise

Carol KnoxCarol’s Nominator says, “She has been in our doctor’s office for over 24 years, always there for us cutting through red tape. A constant source of help, comfort and humour, she has been there through child bearing and rearing, open heart surgery, a ruptured appendix, cancer and radiation treatments. She is more like a family to us than a nurse… the one constant in our family’s health care.”

Bayshore Broadcasting congratulates Carol Knox, RN, Nurse for family Dr. A.L. McArthur.

Jennifer Wonch RPN, Lee Manor
Shelly Ashby RN, Lee Manor
Jennifer Wonch and Shelly Ashby

Described as one of the most compassionate and empathetic nurses you will ever meet, Jennifer isn’t afraid to help the personal support workers when they need a hand. Her nominator says she stands up for her patients to make sure they get the best of care. “She brightens people’s day with her sense of humour on every shift and every moment she’s using her nursing skills. Even our dog has had her caring touch when Jenn removed stiches.”

Bayshore Broadcasting congratulates Jennifer Wonch, RPN, Lee Manor.

According to Shelly’s nominator, she has nursed in many settings of years. She has a knack for engaging her patients in whatever it is that she is doing for them. “From changing dressing to palliative care, Shelly has the knowledge and tact to do the job with proficiency and grace. In fact, co-workers aspire to be just like her.”

Bayshore Broadcasting congratulates Shelly Ashby, caring Grey County nurse at Lee Manor, Owen Sound.

Elizabeth McCutcheon RN, Owen Sound Family Health Team

Elizabeth McCutcheon works with Dr. Bruce Stanners at the Owen Sound Family Health Team. Her Nominator, a Patient aged 86 says, “May I Say, I’ve seen dozens of health workers in my time and Liz is the best in every way.”

Bayshore Broadcasting congratulates Elizabeth McCutcheon, RN, of Owen Sound Family Health Team.

Bruce Peninsula

Anne Stewart RN, Care Partners Visiting Nurses, Wiarton

“Anne focused on our father as more than just a patient,” wrote her nominators. “She was interested in what he was doing and thinking while he struggled with the effects of his cancer. She could bring a smile to his face with a joke or funny story.

While Anne often had many other patient homes to visit in her day… we never felt rushed by her… she was always willing to answer any number of questions.”

Bayshore Broadcasting salutes Caring Nurse Anne Stewart RN, Care Partners Visiting Nurse in Wiarton.

Patty Furgal RN, Lion's Head & Wiarton Hospitals

Patty FurgalPatty was nominated by a grieving husband and daughter who wrote about her special level of care. “When we came into the hall outside her room, Patty had a hug for each of us and there was a tear in her eye.”

A few weeks later, the husband was hospitalized and Patty was there again. “The caring way she did all those jobs that an RN is expected to do gave me great comfort. Patty is always smiling. If there is a nurse who typifies the aims of Florence Nightingale, it is her.”

Bayshore Broadcasting salutes Patty Furgal RN, Lion’s Head and Wiarton Hospitals.

Lisa Slot RPN, Wiarton Hospital

Lisa was cited by a family member whose father was hospitalized numerous times with congenital heart failure and renal failure. Each time Lisa made the room light up when she came in. Their dad was always happy to see her because he knew he was in good hands.

“Lisa has a great attitude towards everything and does make the healing process for her patients easier by her exceptional nursing knowledge and just by being herself.”

Bayshore Broadcasting salutes Lisa Slot RPN, Wiarton Hospital.

Netta Mallard RN, Wiarton Hospital

Netta’s nominator writes, “Netta has worked in the Emergency Department at Wiarton Hospital where she has been a valued employee for many years. She cares for people with great efficiency, kindness and humour.”

Bayshore Broadcasting salutes Netta Mallard RN, Wiarton Hospital.

South Grey Bruce

Valerie Breadner and Carolyn Leith
Valerie Breadner RN, Centre Grey Hospital, Markdale

“During my five year battle with cancer, Valerie has always been available to help with my care, to explain situations I found difficult and to be a source of support to me and my family. She came to our home when needed, helped care for me during hospital stays and called on a regular basis to make sure there was nothing else she could to help. Markdale Hospital is indeed lucky to have Valerie on staff… a wonderful nurse and person.”

Bayshore Broadcasting salutes Caring Nurse Valerie Breadner RN, Centre Grey Hospital in Markdale.

Carolyn Leith RN, Centre Grey Hospital, Markdale

Carolyn Leith has been nursing in the community for over 40 years. According to her nominator she is the nurse everyone hopes they’ll get. She is kidded a lot about when she is going to retire, but always tells them, “I love my job” or “I’m just not ready.”

Bayshore Broadcasting salutes Carolyn Leigh RN, Centre Grey Hospital in Markdale

Helen Rice RPN, Participation Lodge

Helen RiceHelen has been caring for clients who have used the services at Participation Lodge for 27 years. In 2010 she received the June Callwood Award for her volunteer work with the Markdale Palliative Care team over the previous ten years.

Her nominator reports that Helen, herself, has survived two life-threatening illnesses and continues to be an inspiration to her clients and co-workers.

Bayshore Broadcasting salutes Caring Nurse Helen Rice RPN, of Participation Lodge.

Edith Huehn RN (ret.), Rockwood Terrace, Durham

Edith HuehnEdith Huehn has just retired after 41 years “quietly working her shifts, never thinking of herself but always going the extra mile for her clients.” Her nominator writes, “She always went beyond in caring for her clients. She is an angel with the biggest wings ever!”

Bayshore Broadcasting salutes Edith Huehn RN, recently retired from Rockwood Terrace in Durham.

Sarah Barr RN, Walkerton Birthing Centre, South Grey Health Centre, Walkerton

Sarah BarrSarah Barr is a nurse at the Walkerton Birthing Centre. Her nominator has had two babies there and both times Sarah Barr was more than a nurse. “She’s awesome… I couldn’t ask for a better coach and support. She truly cares.”

Bayshore Broadcasting salutes Caring Nurse Sarah Barr RN, at the Birthing Centre, South Grey Bruce Health Centre, Walkerton.

Krysta Craig RN, Southampton Hospital

Krysta found herself in a unique nursing position when she gave birth to twins at 29 weeks gestation. They spent ten weeks in Neonatal Intensive Care. Her family wrote, “Even after they went home the twins had breathing problems that required all of Krysta’s abilities as a competent and compassionate care-giver.

Bayshore Broadcasting salutes Krysta Craig RN, Southampton Hospital.

Huron County

Tanya Patry RN, Huron County Health Unit

Tanya co-ordinates the Healthy Babies, Healthy Children program at the Huron County Health Unit. She is a visiting nurse and lactation consultant. A co-worker nominated Tanya on the basis that this is such an important role supporting the physical and mental health of families through the challenging and rewarding times from pregnancy through childhood.

She writes, “Tanya works incredibly hard and loves with all her heart.”

Bayshore Broadcasting congratulates Caring Nurse, Tanya Patry RN of the Huron County Health Unit.

Sue Drennan RN, Alexandra Marine & General Hospital, Goderich

A mother of four writes, “We have made quite a number of visits to Emerg and always hope Sue will be working because of her attitude and response to us, never making me feel bad. She is a compassionate mother and nurse. One daughter has worked with Sue and another has co-oped with her. They both say how much she does for everyone, be it a co-worker or patient.”

Bayshore Broadcasting congratulates Caring Nurse, Sue Drennan RN, of Alexandra Marine & General Hospital in Goderich.

Norah Profit RN (posthumously), Alexandra Marine & General Hospital, Goderich

This is a unique Caring Nurse Award, the first to be given posthumously. According to her nominator, Nora provided the highest quality care in the Emergency Department of the hospital for many years. Although she never got to experience the rewards of retirement, those who knew her well say that she would not likely have retired by choice. They say that only her personal health crisis was able to keep her from the job she loved doing and Goderich was blessed by her years of service.

Bayshore Broadcasting salutes the late Norah Profit, RN.

Dianne Clifford RN, VON London

Dianne has been nominated by a colleague at London Health Sciences Centre who works in a Home Peritoneal Dialysis Unit. She writes, “Home care nurses are an integral part of our team. I’ve had the good luck to work alongside Dianne during her home visits to my patients. She is very capable and calmly encourages clients and their families in this life-style change. She helps our patients become confident with their home therapy and encourages independence only when it is safe to do so.”

Bayshore Broadcasting congratulates Caring Nurse, Dianne Clifford RN, VON.

Simcoe County

Joanne Richardson RN, Soldiers' Memorial Hospital, Orillia

Joanne was actually nominated three times. One nominator wrote, “When my 88-year-old father was released from hospital the retirement home where he lives stated their staff was not qualifies to handle his catheter changes. Home care was unavailable for another day. That’s when Joanne Richardson stepped in, coming to our home about 9pm to check on him.

Since meeting my parents that evening, Joanne has become their friend. She stops in to check on them. Occasionally it’s just a friendly visit that really brightens their day. She has also taken them to doctors appointments. When Mom offered to pay her for her help she replied, “That’s what friends do.” Joanne also looks after her own aging mother. She’s described as a caring nurse who nurses from the heart.

Bayshore Broadcasting salutes Joanne Richardson, Registered Nurse, Soldier’s Memorial Hospital, Orillia.


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