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2013 Caring Nurse Awards Winners Announced

Bayshore Broadcasting Operations Manager JD Moffat and President Ross Kentner, with Debbie O'Dell, RN, one of the 2013 Award Winners



May 9th, 2013 - Bayshore Broadcasting today announced 17 new winners of its "Caring Nurse Award."

Nominated by listeners to Bayshore radio stations in communities like Owen Sound, Goderich and Orillia, the winners are selected for the stories patients tell of the remarkable care they received.

The Caring Nurse Award grew out of Bayshore's Healthy Tomorrows. Each spring and fall, Bayshore stations promote legacy giving to 12 hospitals across their markets. Commercials feature stories from listeners about why they have chosen to leave a legacy to their local hospital. The stations also run talk shows to promote the diagnostic and equipment needs of each hospital.

Kevin Brown, Bayshore's Vice-President of Marketing and Sales, says the Caring Nurse awards help raise the profile of health care needs in the region by recognizing RNs and RPNs working both in hospital settings and in various community and home care roles.

Last fall, a total of 17 awards were presented for the first time. Bayshore General Manager, Ross Kentner, says "It is just co-incidental that this spring we chose 17 more nurses. The stories contained in the nominations are just so compelling! We have to be careful when we profile the nurses that we don't choke up completely because there isn't one that doesn't bring a tear to your eye!"

The awards are not without their logistic problems. "It's very hard to get shift workers together in one place at one time...especially over such a large geographic area," Kentner added. Plaques and roses were presented to some of the nurses on the air in Owen Sound today. Two were presented earlier today at a special event to recognize Nurses Week at the Simcoe County Administration Centre near Barrie, and the remaining awards will be presented soon in venues across Bayshore's service area.

A list of the winners from the Owen Sound area, the Bruce Peninsula, South Grey Bruce, Huron County, and Simcoe County follows. Click here to see a list of previous Caring Nurse Award winners!

The Caring Nurse Award is proudly brought to you in part by Dr. Moona Rahemtulla and Advanced Pain Relief

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To read more about the award or nominate someone to receive one, click here.

Owen Sound area

Leeann Brown, RN, Owen Sound Regional Hospital

Leeann BrownThe care given by Leeann Brown, Registered Nurse, at the Owen Sound Regional Hospital prompted her nominator to become a hospital donor!  During nearly a nine week stay in hospital, Rebel Hardy says one nurse stood out to her and her whole family.

Leeann seemed to anticipate her needs and made frequent checks on her. She took the time to apply creams that others simply left with her. She also became an important resource to family members making suggestions for care both while in hospital and after her release.

Penny Luke, RPN, Owen Sound Regional Hospital

Penny LukePenny Luke has been nursing for 32 years - 28 of them in Day Surgery. Day surgery staff deal with 50 or 60 patients every day, getting them ready for their procedure and then ready to go home.  Patients are often anxious, not knowing what to expect. Penny is able to soothe frazzled nerves and calm the jitters, all the while, taking vital signs, asking pertinent questions and entering data to track you. Her nominator writes, “Most patients in Day Surgery don’t get to spend a lot of time with the nurses. But we volunteers do see them week after week and we hear their positive comments as we take them to meet their rides... Penny never forgets that they are people, not procedures!”

Heather Drummond, RN, Owen Sound Regional Hospital

Heather DrummondHeather was nominated by two colleagues who have both been inspired by her example. They say that Heather is “...always working to ensure that our patients on 3-1 have a comfortable, family-centered care experience reflecting the core values and code of conduct of Grey Bruce Health Services.” At one time Heather served on shipboard in the Arctic!  It was “outpost nursing” where she had to rely on her own skills. She also cares for palliative patients on a volunteer basis and still finds time to serve other community groups... “a great role model and a nurse like the one I want caring for me!”

Robin Moore, RPN, Owen Sound Regional Hospital

Robin MooreRobin Moore, Registered Practical Nurse in the women/child care unit of the Owen Sound Regional Hospital left her patient feeling that she didn’t want to leave the hospital! Robin was her night shift nurse and was always full of energy and in a great mood. “She made my recovery exceptional,” says her nominator... “I wish she could have been my nurse around the clock!  She took such good care of me and had such a nice personality.  Robin Moore was by far the best health care service provider I have ever had.”

Susan Taylor, RN, Owen Sound Regional Hospital
Susan TaylorAccording to her nominator, “Susan’s interest is to see that all patients (hers or not) are looked after to the fullest.  My husband had severe skin cancer.  Susan wasn’t his nurse but she called on a regular basis to check on his progress.  She guided him through every step of his treatment.

“I once saw Susan give up an entire evening, sitting with an elderly gentleman to be sure he was okay.  The list of caring she does goes on and on.”

Bruce Peninsula

Linda Draper, RN, Lion's Head and Wiarton Hospitals
Linda Draper Linda's nominator writes: “My husband had a massive heart attack last October. He was rushed by ambulance to Lion’s Head. My daughter and son were with me. Linda was the first person who came to meet us and, with much compassion, she told us that our beloved husband and father had passed away. She hugged me with such caring, and when I was ready, took me to the emergency room to say my final goodbye. She has the professionalism that all nurses need. Nurses are needed both for the living and for those who are left behind in the event of the death of a loved one.”
Laurie Cruickshank, RN, Lion's Head and Wiarton Hospitals
Laurie CruickshankLaurie came to nursing after a career as “stay at home mom for three children.”  Daughter Rebecca writes, “It wasn’t until the late 1990s that she finally decided to do something for herself and she went back to school to become a registered nurse.  Even while travelling back and forth to Barrie she managed to never miss a birthday, accomplishment or sport event and turn them into something special. She still manages to do this and work! “She is passionate, upbeat and loves her work. I have been asked on many occasions to thank her for making people’s experience at the Wiarton Hospial a good one no matter the circumstances. It truly takes a special kind of person to be a nurse and my mom is one of these special people.”

South Grey Bruce

Brenda Merchant, RN, Hanover and District Hospital

Brenda won the CNA in 2012 but we were only just able to present it to her this year. She has been nursing for over 20 years and has earned a reputation for quality bedside nursing and being dedicated to both patients and her co-workers. According to her nominator, Brenda continued to be relied upon even as she faced her own personal health scare! “A remarkable nurse who, in the face of adversity, carried on with a smile, a kind word and a very caring hand.”

Jackie Pickard, RN, Hanover and District Hospital
“Jackie Pickard, Registered Nurse at Hanover and District Hospital shares her caring spirit and passion for nursing with all her patients from the perspective of a healthy tomorrow.” So says the new graduate nurse she is mentoring. According to her nominator, Jackie’s passion for nursing is contagious. She says, “I couldn’t have asked for a more experienced and passionate nurse to look up to.”
Debbie O'Dell, RN, Grey Gables Long Term Care, Markdale

Debbie ODellDebbie O’Dell was nominated by Connie Dennis who writes: “Debbie has such a soft heart and treats residents and staff with care and compassion.  She was my home care nurse three years ago when I was going through Chemo Therapy and Radiation.  I was so sick...she was my spokesperson when I was at my lowest.  She continues to be my advocate, coming to the cancer clinic with me.  I appreciate everything she has done for me.  Debbie has become a very good friend and I cherish her!”

Lorna Brewitt, RPN, Grey Bruce Health Services, Markdale
Lorna Brewitt, Registered Practical Nurse at Centre Grey Hospital in Markdale has been  nursing since the early 1960s!  A lot of people in the Grey-Bruce area have benefitted from her care and comfort over those decades. Her granddaughter, Rachel Whetstone, wrote us, “Lorna displays initiative, responsibility, respect and has every good quality a human being can have.  Everybody looks up to her.  She always says that nursing gives you what you want to get out of life; it’s a great satisfaction to feel that you are personally helping people.”  Rachel concludes, “My grandma is an incredible lady... the caregiver in the family and through  her job!”
Olive Regier, RN, South Bruce Grey Health Centre, Kincardine

Ollie RegierOlive Regier, RN, South Bruce Grey Health Centre in Kincardine, was nominated by Michelle McIver, a co-op education teacher at Kincardine District Secondary School. Michelle says that Ollie has supported “co-op ed” for many years and she has seen from her visits to ER and from what her students write in their journals that Ollie Regier has been a positive role model and mentor to many young people. But last November, Michelle had a trip to ER of her own!  She says, “I experienced Ollie’s compassion first hand!  Her proficiency and friendly demeanour meant a lot when I was a patient.”

Huron County

South Huron award winners
Janet Willert, RN, Bluewater Area Medical Centre, Zurich
According to Janet’s nominator, she helps wherever she’s needed, always taking or making the time to personally welcome everyone coming into the clinic.  “She’s great at giving needles and taking blood!  Such a busy lady with four children and working full time.  

Janet loves being a nurse and it certainly reflects in the job she does at the clinic. (pictured above, left, with Bayshore Broadcasting West Operations Manager Ian Solecki)
Jo-Ann Kadlecik, RN, South Huron Hospital, Exeter

Jo-Ann’s nominator writes: “Six years ago Jo-Ann saved my mother’s life.  Literally!  She insisted on transferring Mom to a larger centre.  She wasn’t Mom’s nurse that day but she made sure she was bathed and in a clean gown before she was transferred to Stratford where she underwent lifesaving surgery. Mom recuperated and enjoyed six years with us, living to see both her grandchildren out in B.C. get married.  Without Jo-Ann’s help, Mom would have died.  Our family will be forever grateful to this beautiful caring nurse!” (pictured above, right)

Simcoe County

Kelly Herbert, RN, Collingwood General and Marine Hospital

Kelly's nominator, Brenda Rogers had a bad woodworking accident. Kelly stopped by daily to encourage her that she would have an infection-free recovery and to ensure that she had the physical nourishment needed to heal. A week after the accident Brenda wasn’t well enough to take her husband to hospital for a major surgery.  Kelly drove him to the hospital, sat in on his meeting with the doctor, then stayed with him all day.  Certainly way above the call of duty. But there’s more! Kelly was on sick leave, having had surgery herself.  She did all this in wintry weather with the aid of a cane!  Brenda Rogers says, “How blessed we felt to have Kelly in our lives.  How blessed are the patients at the Collingwood hospital who are privileged to have this outstanding health care provider!”

Cheryl Walker, RN, Orillia Soldiers' Memorial Hospital
Cheryl WalkerCheryl's nominator writes, “The prospect of having to receive a blood transfusion every ten days is quite daunting but Cheryl’s calm, upbeat demeanour (and her incredible abillity to always find a vien without infliciting pain) helped make things so much better. Cheryl’s customer service skills are excellent and her ability to multi-task to be admired.

She is usually the only nurse servicing up to eight patients at once and some days has paramedics who want to learn how to insert lines.  She’s also great to get lab results back to you...not always the norm these days.  She is a local treasure!”

Carrie Pyatt, RPN, St. Elizabeth Health Care, Wasaga Beach

Carrie Pyatt

Carrie Pyatt, RPN with St. Elizabeth Health Care North Simcoe/Muskoka in Wasaga Beach is described by her nominator as “the angel at my side.” Maureen Jarman had a long recovery from cancer surgery.  During a five-month period last year, Carrie came to Maureen’s home to change her dressings three times a week. Says Maureen, “Her punctuality, thoroughness, cleanliness and quick sense of humour has turned many tough times into good times.  She has become a good friend, filling me with encouragement and hopefullness during otherwise tense moments.”

Jill Strachan, RN, Orillia Soldiers' Memorial Hospital

Jill StrachanAccording to Jill's nominator, “I was diagnosed with mild diabetes; Jill became my nurse.  Along with her team, she cured me without the help of pills...just proper diet and weight loss.  One day, Jill noticed I was not quite with it.  She immediately took my blood pressure, then made sure I was admitted in Emerg.  Jill’s quick and caring action prevented any bodily damage even though I live with a heart condition. She will often say, “This is not just a job to me, it’s what I do in my community along with an amazing team.  It’s the people we meet along the way that makes it so rewarding.”

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