Bayshore's Healthy Tomorrows

Bayshore's Healthy Tomorrows

Won’t you please consider planning a gift for your hospital in your will?

Ross Thompson

Ross Thompson



Ross Thompson believes that a vital and up-to-date hospital is key to maintaining a healthy, vibrant community.  That is why he has planned to leave most of his estate to the Durham & Community Health Care Foundation.

When Mr. Thompson was planning his will with his lawyer he specified that his hometown hospital benefit from his estate, thus ensuring that his funds remain within the community and help others. It was important to have his legacy benefit the town he loves.

“Governments do not fund many of the items required in hospitals to provide excellent health care in a timely and efficient manner,” says Mr. Thompson.  “I knew I could help, and also encourage others to be part of the solution. Extra funds are always needed for state-of-the-art equipment and to keep current with new technologies.”

As a long time Durham resident, a past president of the Durham & Community Health Care Foundation and an active hospital supporter for many years, Mr. Thompson knows all too well that all donations, no matter how big or small, can make a huge difference.  He was a large part of bringing the community together to save the Durham Hospital.  He has also seen health care in his town expand to service the growing needs of its residents and the surrounding area, with the addition of doctors, and facilities built for them to practice medicine. 

Planning to leave a bequest to his hospital in his will was easy, and by following his lead everyone can be a hometown hero like Mr. Thompson.


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