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November 3, 2008
by: Diana Meder

Time..its an elusive thing. We always seem to want more of it but never have enough of it. 

And for some seems to slip through our fingers faster as the years roll on. 

Every year once a year we’re given an extra hour of it through the magic of time change..something about saving daylight. 

All I know is it gets a little bit darker a little bit earlier each day until you’re coming home from work at dusk..somewhat depressing. 

Nevertheless we’re given this extra hour one day a year....that we can do anything we want with....anything at all. 

In an hour we can do lots of things;  finally finish that book that’s been laying beside the bed; maybe clean out that front closet that keeps raining hats and scarves every time you reach for something on the top shelf. 

In an hour you could bake a batch of cookies or even drive to the store and buy some. 

One hour is enough time to roll up your sleeves and wipe out all that mildew in the grout lines around the tub. 

A single hour is plenty of time to finally call your cousin in Plattsville and ask how the kids are doing. 

Dying your hair usually takes an hour…. Or how about that laundry that’s piling up. 

You might even take an hour to write a hand written letter to that one aunt of yours that still doesn’t own a computer or know what the world wide web is. 

What about all those vacation pictures from last summer that are still flying around in the drawer waiting to be put in a photo album…that might take a single hour. 

Why not go for a walk, groom the dog or paint your toenails. 

The leaves on the front lawn need to be raked, that bookshelf in the office is a mess… and no one has bleached the inside of the fridge in months. 

All too boring for you…. Well how about flying lessons…they give those in hour long increments. 

You can at least try the first one. 

Bungee jumping takes about an hour….. 10 minutes to tie you off properly…and 50 minutes to stand on the edge and talk yourself into it. 

Repelling off the side of the building might take an hour…if it’s a little building…or maybe in an hour you could learn how to keep yourself upright on rollerblades. 

Yes..there are a million things you can do with an extra hour.  

The possibilities are endless.  Make your life a little bit better…or someone else's. 

In the end…how did I use my one extra hour…….

 ***snoring  *** 

What?  You were expecting maybe a parachute jump out of a plane? 
From where I sit..I’m Diana Meder. 

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