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April 20, 2009
by: James Morgan

Taking Advantage Of The System

The massive amounts of stimulus spending by the federal and provincial governments are meant to do exactly that, stimulate the economy and keep people working during this current recession.

The biggest area of spending on this of course is infrastructure, roads, bridges, public buildings, the nuts and bolts that make it possible for goods to be transported or for public services to be provided.

A dark side of this is unfortunately appearing.

The abundance of dollars flowing from Ottawa and Queen’s Park is driving up the cost of the many infrastructure projects that municipalities want to complete.

More projects are being completed, competition to secure contractors to do it has increased, and contractors themselves are obviously aware that their work is in high demand and the money will be there to pay them.

I am familiar with one municipality that recently approved a tender for a major bridge replacement project that ended up being a quarter of a million dollars higher because of how the current flood of infrastructure spending is driving up the cost of getting the actual projects done.

Could increasing costs mean that less infrastructure work gets done, but at a higher price tag?

Will seven miles of a road get paved for the price of ten?

Senior levels of government would have been wise to place restrictions on just how much the cost of infrastructure projects being funded by these billions should be allowed to increase.

It would ensure taxpayer dollars were used efficiently and that that the highest results are achieved for the amount of money spent.

When you look around your community and see streets resembling the moon’s surface because of potholes, crumbling concrete on bridges, and outdated sewage systems, wouldn’t you feel better knowing the money was being used to it’s fullest?

The public needs to demand that the high level of government money that is available not be allowed to let the costs of improving the facilities we use to increase needlessly.

After all, it was a lack of effective economic regulation and excessive, market-driven, excitement that the experts blame for causing the recession in the first place.

From Where I Sit, I’m James Morgan.


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Posted: 2009-04-22 01:59:03

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