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April 13, 2009
by: Deb Shaw

Everyone Has Time

I don’t have time.

This sentence is my new pet peeve!

I hear it every day. I hear it everywhere! And I for one just do not believe it.

Don’t get me wrong, I know we are all busy, I know that more is being asked of us all of the time and I know that we are running at full capacity and then some.

But I just don’t buy the lack of time argument. All of us have the same amount of time, 1440 minutes per day, or 10,080 minutes per week to be exact

I believe that it is never an issue of lack of time, but rather the lack of planning, not prioritizing properly or setting our expectations on others, or ourselves too high.

We use the lack of time as a quick excuse, a way to avoid dealing with the "real" issue…..Too much workload, being pulled in too many directions or simply wanting too much too quickly.

We get on the rollercoaster of life and spend so much time just "doing", just "hanging on" that we are sometimes unable to take a step back to regroup, refocus or to alter our course in a direction that better suits our needs.

We have all the time there is. We cannot make more but we can make better use of the time we have.

By using the same excuse and not dealing with the real issue we are preventing change, stopping progress and wasting some of the precious minutes we have.

As Marcus Aurelius, a philosopher who ruled the Roman Empire has said, "our life is what our thoughts make it"…..I do not want my thoughts to tell me that I do not have enough time….

I say lets make the best use possible for all our minutes, and when we find we cannot possibly fit in all that we feel needs to be done in a certain time period let’s say I cannot fit it in now, or I prefer or need to do this instead….let’s get to the meat of the matter and correct the situation….let’s not cast blame on a shortage of time…Let’s not focus on what we cannot change…instead let’s co-operate with the inevitable ….we all have 1440 minutes today to use as we will.

I am Deb Shaw and from where I sit life is too short to be spent complaining that we do not have enough time!


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Posted: 2009-04-15 03:21:20

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