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April 6, 2009
Maggie Clegg
by: Maggie Clegg

Glad To Be At Home

As the global recession continues, I'm becoming more and more thankful I live in Canada.

I've always recognized our country as a great place to live, but something this weekend really drove the message home for me.

Times may be tough for many people in Canada -- but it's nothing compared to what some people around the globe are experiencing.

This weekend, 62 migrants were found dead inside a shipping container in southwestern Pakistan.

More than 100 people were inside the metal container when police opened it Saturday after being tipped off.

The stench from the container suggested some of the victims may have been dead for days.

During a service marking Palm Sunday, Pope Benedict remarked on the incident, saying the global economic crisis is driving more people to make perilous voyages to escape poverty.

If I were to lose my job, there is absolutely no way I can see a horrible death in a shipping container becoming my fate.

My comfortable life may become not as comfortable - but I will never have to feel so desperate I'm left sitting for days in a dark container as my friends and family die around me.

I'm not trying to belittle what hard hit Canadians are going through - I understand it can be a very tough situation when your family's finances are in trouble.

But again, I'm very thankful to be living in Canada - and I'm extremely thankful to live in this area of Ontario.

There are many opportunities here - and after personally meeting Premier McGuinty at the Owen Sound AGM meeting last Thursday, I know others are looking to our diverse economy to learn from what we're doing right.

From Where I Sit, I'm Maggie Clegg, and I'm very glad this is my home.


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Posted: 2009-04-06 16:04:00

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