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April 3, 2009
Manny Paiva
by: Manny Paiva

Dalton Delivers In Rural Ontario

Well the Big Red Machine rolled through the region.

We are talking about Dalton McGuinty -- the bilingual lawyer from Ottawa who has led the Ontario Liberal party to two consecutive majority governments.

For that -- he gets to be the Big Red Machine.

And he made his way into rural Ontario last night -- through Simcoe Grey and into the riding of Bruce Grey Owen Sound -- places McGuinty never travelled to during the 2007 election.

But in my opinion, last night's visit may play a key role in deciding his future political life.

You see -- everyone is talking about McGuinty's decision to harmonize the provincial sales tax with the federal tax -- what has been dubbed the H-S-T.

His 22 minute speech to the mainly small business crowd sounded more like an explanation as to why he made the decision.

In fact McGuinty said the way out of the recession must include a single sales tax.

It was only until after being pressed by reporters did the Premier admit the H-S-T is not the complete answer.

And that's a good thing too Dalton -- because you don't want to put your eggs all in one basket -- a message he also delivered last night when he spoke about the success of this region with its diverse economy and how it weathers economic recessions better than other areas of Ontario.

But the Premier better hope the H-S-T doesn't end up costing families more money than his promised rebate.

If it doesn't -- the voters he met in person on a Thursday night in April 2009 will give him four more years in office.

But if it does -- the Big Red Machine will have a few flat tires.

From Where I Sit -- I'm Manny Paiva


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Posted: 2009-04-03 05:29:00

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